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Douglas County sheriff's officers seek help in identifying man hit by train north of Lawrence

a couple years ago I saw someone riding the rails at the Lecompton crossing... I was surprised that this still happens...

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Two Berryton residents injured after SUV runs into large utility pole just north of Lawrence

I doubt it would stay attached to the pole by the time it went through both windows.... let's hope everyone will be ok...

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What’s your favorite kind of pie?

Blackberry or Coconut Cream......

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Tornado did strike southern Douglas County, National Weather Service says; several buildings damaged

I agree with AngINSpurs, we were under tornado watch all evening & if you were listening to the tv Lynn731 you would have heard about the tornado warnings.

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What type of sled are you using?

We took 2 waterski's and built a platform on top with a rope on front &handles on each side to allow turning & slowing down.... worked like a charm........

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U.S. Highway 59 reopens after accident north of Baldwin Junction

I had to stop for allergy medicine at Wal-Mart this morning... so glad I was delayed that extra 10 minutes too...

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No information available yet about fate of Lawrence Sears store

I seldom shop Sears anymore. Years ago I purchased a Lady Kenmore dishwasher. ($600.00 for that piece of junk) Thinking I could get one that would last, and because their warranty would cover repairs 7 days a week, and evenings if required. When I actually had problems, they would only send a repairman out tuesday or thursday, between 2:00 & 4:00. After the darn thing quit for the 3rd time, I threw it out.... Never again would I purchase appliances from Sears. Factory Direct, Best Buy & Home Depot now get my electronic/appliance business.

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

other than a voicemail to her sister, which could have been staged.... do you really know if she was harrassed? nope

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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

and just where do you think the fed's get the money from? you got it, OUR tax dollars

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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

I agree asixbury....

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