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Do you think marijuana should be legalized for medical use?

yes, I don't smoke it, but why not make it legal & tax it...

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City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

Why on earth would they want to put Menards next to Home Depot? Payless Cashways couldn't make it on the south end of town, & I bought alot of things there while building a home.... Home Depot is great!
We checked out Menards in Topeka recently & I won't go back.... I'm not a fan of having to mail in a rebate to get the "SALE" price. Also, they didn't even carry 2X8's 10' long...really?????.
some lumberyard :(

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Crews race to find survivors of Oklahoma twister

The confirmed fatality total has been lowered to 24.


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Would you shop at Menards if it came to Lawrence?

I'm a Home Depot fan, and from what I hear, most items you have to mail in a rebate to get the discount.... therefore, I probably wouldn't shop there!

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What is the oldest piece of furniture in your house?

and old china cabinet, probably close to 100 years old

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Sentence dispute in KU ticket scheme is heard

You do the crime, you do the time.....

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Residents hunker down for impending snowstorm

Snowmageddon.... lol

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Have you already or do you plan to vote?

I voted as soon as they opened...

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Have you ever been honored with an award for your work?

yes, at Sallie Mae, years ago.....

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Ruling: Officials took ‘hard look’ at SLT plan

and it looks & smells disgusting..... mosquito infested swamp... :(

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