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State damage

If the writer is so willing to pay more taxes, she is free to send a check to the state for as much as she wants. Those willing to donate can save the SRS office if they desire it strongly enough.

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After 45 years at Lawrence Solid Waste Division, employee says work helped him grow, saved his family

Thanks for your many years of hard work and service to the community.
Opportunity + hard work = Success
You epitomize this and you and all your family should be very proud.
And thanks to those who offered a hand up when you came to town. They probably did not even know then how much the community would benefit from their selfless actions.
Best wishes for a long, healthy and prospeous life.
You are a true winner!

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Statehouse Live: Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal blasts Democrats over Virgil Peck resolution

House Democratic Leader Paul Davis of Lawrence, however, said Peck's remarks are worthy of a vote of condemnation in the House.

“He has brought shame on the institution” of the Legislature, Davis said.

Not as much shame as you bring to Lawrence on a daily basis. Your comments are unworthy of respect. You cannot say anything constructive or provide a positive way forward.. Criticism and condemnation of others is all we get from you.


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KU debater Dylan Quigley aiming to finish career with national title

Good luck to Mr. Quigley. Jayhawks love national championships in any form!

February 7, 2011 at 2:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Do you support the Lawrence Public Library's wish to ask voters in November for a property tax increase to fund an $18 million expansion of its downtown facility?

Pilgrim2, don't you understand that's how the system works? Those who think they are superior and smarter than the rest of us simply need to be in charge of making all policy!

And best of all, you get to pay for all their pet projects but they shouldn't be asked to pay for yours.

Simple, huh.

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Skewed census

So what do our local legislators have to say about this?

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Should Gov. Parkinson sign the statewide smoking ban bill headed to his desk?

I am as anti-smoking as there is and would be for this bill if it did not exempt certain factions, but I voted no because it should include casinos and all other public places if it is going to have any credibility.

February 26, 2010 at 1:11 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU women lose to Oklahoma, 81-69

Extremely overpaid. If not for McCray, we would have very little production after all these years of "recruiting" of players with big "promise" but never seem to be as good as they were on paper. Good kids, no doubt, but I think lack of leadership fails to allow them to become much of a team, and thus lose too many they should be able to win. We simply don't compete very well in most games, and give up too easily when it seems to be getting tough. This all comes directly from poor coaching leadership.
Bonnie is snotty to boot, so she should be sent elsewhere.

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$2 million?

Perkins ego is the answer to your question.

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