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City Commission to consider giving Lawrence's city manager $10,000 raise

Maybe they're afraid he will leave. Can't be much more than a dozen well-qualified people who would take the job if he does.
So what if salaries are low compared to other cities. We are not those cities and should only be compared to what we can reasonably afford.

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Do you plan on attending any local candidate forums before voting this year?

No point in attending. I already know who I am voting for. Anyone who is NOT the incumbent.

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Do you feel differently about Lance Armstrong now that he's been stripped of his titles because of doping allegations?

to KS - while I agree that he should fight if innocent, the other side is that they could bleed him dry of all resources in the fight, and even if he proved innocent, would have nothing left. Looks like he may have just made the prudent decision. Can't take away the actual accomplishments. I agree that people shouldn't cheat, but it appears to me that this was also nothing more than a witchunt fueled by those jealous. The ultimate judgment is to come much later and it appears hs is comfortable with facing that one.

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Around and about in local business

Who taught Merrill how to use the internet?
Please no more Ctrl+C, Cntrl+V

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Redistricting battle pits Chamber of Commerce, governor vs. moderates

Paul Davis is a pompous jerk from The party of "no". Every quote of his in this author's stories is nothing more than criticism of his opponents. Never has an idea to otherwise improve things.

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Eighth-grader spells out a win in county bee

Good job all. You have acquired invaluable lifelong skills

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Inmate program nurtures freedom on many levels

The smile on her face looks genuine. Though I tend to be skeptical that people who have been down that far can really recover and be happy, productive members of society, I am hopeful that at least this one lady has turned the corner towards a successful and rewarding life and in due time will be reunited with her children. She appears to be grateful for the assistance and is willing to earn her way back into their lives. Good luck!

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Should out-of-state veterans on the GI Bill pay the same tuition as in-state students at state schools?

Though I have no direct stake in this, I say return to them what they payed forward with their sevice to our great country and grant this benefit at the soonest possible time.

Note to all local legislators - please have this drafted and presented for passage on the first day of the 2012 session.

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Trash penalty

You go! With you here girl.

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