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Should the city of Lawrence charge a $50 fine to those who receive five or more parking tickets in a 30-day period?

OMFG! First you complain when people get drunk and drive. Then when they park their cars and catch a ride, only to find a parking ticket when they pick their cars up in the morning; you want to fine them even more. Can't smoke, can't drink, can't park...and Obama is the one taking away all our rights?

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The best friends: Swimmer sees perks, pitfalls as country star’s confidante

Hey, I know a person, who knows a person, who knows a person, who knows this other person, who knows Kevin Bacon. Can I get an article in the LJ?

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To meet fan, alumni expectations, KU Athletics commits to fieldhouse matters

Hmmm.....doesn't sound like there is much being done to improve the experience for the students.

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KU football adds linebacker commit

You're wrong Danimal, the hawks signed Tanner Hawkinson and Tim Bierre last year and each have the potential to turn into good TE. Bierre especially looked to have good potential last year. Linebacker is our biggest weakness right now and from what I've read he is one of the best linebackers in California CC system. Experience will be a commodity with this linebacking group.

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Wind turbine spinning atop Lawrence fuel station

Devo you sound like what you want is instant gratification. If tomorrow we figured out a way to get fuel from garbage (ala Back To The Future), do you think that we can flick a switch and everyone is rollin on banana peels? Its called infrastructure. Most people in the know understand that corn is not the answer, but it is getting people used to the idea of alternative and jump starting the building of alternative fuel infrastructure that is more pressing right now.

And what do you care if Zarco is doing something to advertise green living? How are you helping anything by bashing the efforts of a business?

Well thank you for showing me the error of my ways. No more recycling, I'm only buying SUVs with 10 mpg, dumping my used motor oil into the drainage systems, and I'm going to start shooting endangered animals! Because how can just one persons actions affect anything?

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Rock Chalk Revue results announced

Save this article for the alumni letter, they are the only ones who could possibly care.

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KCK archbishop 'concerned' over Sebelius' nomiation to HHS position

Maybe he should stop taking communion until there are no more child rape accusations.

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Commissioners consider renaming Missouri Street

Whats the problem with renaming it? Like the few hundred dollars it would cost to put up new signs are really that important considering the trade off is a little something for people to get behind. Too many Lawrence residents undervalue what KU related affairs mean to this city.

Lawrence without KU = Tonganoxie

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