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Missing hiker at Clinton Lake found in good condition

Why is no one talking about the obvious here? Either a bad acid trip or too many Magic Mushrooms...

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Royals get Johnny Cueto for three prospects

We may have a lock on the division, but without Starting Pitching, a divisional series exit is almost guaranteed. This move was made to get back to the World Series. Not to simply hold on to the Division...
I love the deal.

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Kansas universities lack firm plan for concealed guns on campus, making some anxious

and was your high school classmat's daughter shot in the head by a law-abiding Kansan with a concealed carry license?

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Update on reopening plans for Ladybird, Jefferson's, Biggs on Mass following fires; a guess on when Menards will open

Fortunately, I don't need a job. But if I did, I would apply at Menard's thanks to this link! #NObama

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Kansas Gov. Brownback wins tough re-election race vs. challenger Davis

Davis's watch party was at Abe and Jakes? hmmm....I figured it would be at The Outhouse...
(sorry, it was just too easy)

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No students hurt when Lawrence school bus, car collide

How would the bus hit the Driver's side of a northbound car if it was traveling west. I saw the aftermath as I passed through the intersection and the car was obviously pointed south. Not that this is a huge issue, but I believe the article is wrong...

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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

I'd be willing to bet that it doesn't

April 17, 2013 at 7:24 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opinion: We must save our children from guns

I own several guns. None of them are used to kill anything. I don't hunt therefore I don't kill animals. I don't Kill people either. The purpose of my guns are to put little holes into pieces of paper at long distances. I take pleasure in that. No one has the right to deprive me of my life's pleasures because some Thug in Chicago, or wherever, uses his gun for evil..

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