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Analysis: 2013 legislative session over; results will be judged by Kansas voters

We the people are to blame as we ultimately elected these "paid" public officials in office. I know the republicans I voted were not supported due to their moderate views and were not re-elected. My house member ran unopposed so I did not even vote. OK, so our legislators wasted this session. We got a lot of new laws that mean very little to us, a budget that does not meet our needs and new taxes on top of last year's tax cuts, plus the cost to extend this session. I revise me statement. We wasted two legislative sessions. We need to begin an immediate recall campaign, not just for the republicans, everyone involved so we can elect a new slate including a governor. Who wants to help with this?

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Kansas counties try to recoup losses from DMV system

Here we go again. First, we paid a $4 Modernization Fee since 2009 (is set to expire in 12/31/12 and become a funding source, a tax you did not know you were paying, for highways) on every registration to upgrade software and systems and now we may need a new fee to cover the additional costs the county DMV offices in Kansas are experiencing due to the system issues and the shifting of responsibilitie­s from the State to the counties in processing titles.
The way to fix the problems with the Kansas DMV is by replacing Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite so we can install leaders with the knowhow and tenacity to fix the issues including appropriate fines against 3M as allowed by contract. It has been four months now and the costs continue to escalate. Is there an end in Site? NO!

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Still plagued with problems, Kansas won't make final payment on DMV software

Actually you bought $25 million from 3M and the rest was for hardward need to run the system including printers and scanners that have been known to crash. The question is why did Nick Jordan and staff not impose penalties imposed in the contract? My guess is they were scared 3M would pack up their sticky notes and go home and KS would be left in a deeper mess. My hope is 3M hires Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite so they can have our best talent to help them with other states wanting to use their software,

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Still plagued with problems, Kansas won't make final payment on DMV software

I am fortunate to live in Johnson County where the county invested in software that allows us to go online and get in line. Then you receive status updates on your phone. Good thing too, since the waits are 4-5 hours for registration and 8-10 hours for a title. Thank you Nick Jordan and the State of Kansas for all you do for oh...I mean to us. Nick find a new job please.....

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