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KU basketball player Josh Jackson charged in car vandalism case; Self says he won't bench 'great ambassador' for KU

They were provoked, yes it was wrong but I can easily see how it played out. Popular people from all eras have been provoked and then only one side of the story told. It's just a little odd there are so many little instances so close together. These guys have big targets on their backs from those wanting to make us look bad. But I agree that there surely is a mentor of some kind watching out for these kids who has fallen off the job.

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Arrest affidavit: Carlton Bragg Jr. stood with hands in pockets as girlfriend allegedly hit, pushed him

I find this coverage appropriate considering Carlton was made to look like the villain in the beginning. Had no further stories clearing him been posted, some might have always considered him as such. Not that this was the only article clearing Mr. Bragg, but it's always important the facts be known. Thank you for posting.

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First responders dispatched to accident at 19th and Iowa

At least he had a helmet on. But come on, people - watch out!!!

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