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House rejects exception from abortion restrictions for rape, incest, abuse victims

So no one reading this thread has used an IUD, my point not well made perhaps, is that their legislation is in many ways unenforceable.
The normal way that to deal with these points is to smile and ignore them as they get in the way.
My next question is will the law mean no more over flights of Kansas by air lines.
The GOP needs to think more about where it is going rather than how it feels on the way there.

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House rejects exception from abortion restrictions for rape, incest, abuse victims

Not that any one will pay attention to this posting but for all the women out there who have used or do use an IUD or coil this applies to you.
As you would in theory be liable under this law. The coil of course is designed to stop a fertilized egg from implanting in/on the uterus. Thus it follows that women who use a coil would not want to travel in or live in Kansas for fear of prosecution.

I am particularly interested to hear from someone who supports this law and who uses an IUD

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Fiery debate over expansion of concealed carry, assertion of state gun rights as Kansas House advances bills

If this goes through will I be able to stop folk with (or with out) a permit coming into my restaurant by having a no gun sign on the door?
What is my liability if their weapon goes off and hurts someone?

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Senate panel OKs most of governor's tax proposals

Mrs Thatcher did this in 1988 in the UK and collapsed the property market. Real Estate sales dropped by around 70% within in two months of the legislation being enacted into law. The knock on effect in car sales and restaurants for example was catastrophic.
The thing is not about how much money the State might save, it is about how much revenue the State will lose if the reaction and loss of confidence is the same as it was then.
Granted from a man from Mars view it seems a good idea but for goodness sake do some research. The republican team are simply not listening.
I am amazed how sensible people continue to bite off their noses to spite their faces but then if you do what you always do you will get what you always get. The attitude is like not buying a fire extinguisher for one's home, coz' it will never happen there. If that was true why do we need Fire Engines?

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Brownback seeking end of property tax deduction for homeowners

Brownback admirers, Republicans, Democrats and others, if you own a home pay attention. Mrs Thatcher did this in 1988 in the UK and collapsed the property market. Our sales dropped over a 6 week period by around 70%.
It is not about a 1500 +/- deduction. It is about confidence. If the same thing happened here as did ion the UK then not only does confidence tank the property market and the value of your home but also has a real knock on effect on car sales restaurants, clothes sales etc.
In the UK the market never really recovered.
My fear is the Brownback does not realise or does not care about what the impact of his policy might be.
Mrs Thatcher messed this up by thinking she knew better than her advisers, her Chancellor is still alive and has confirmed it was a mistake "seemed like a good logical idea".

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Brownback budget has Democrats, moderate Republicans facing dilemma

Losing 1500 +/- of TAX relief on home mortgage interest is not the big deal. NOT being able to sell your home is the big deal, having it repossessed is the big deal, being underwater is the big deal. "Oh, that wont happen" Well it has already .........
Mrs Thatcher did exactly this in '88 in the UK. At the time I was a partner in a Real Estate agency with around 80 staff and 12 offices.
Like most folk today we did not pay much attention to the relief being taken away.
WE WERE WRONG. In the space of 6 weeks around October sales dropped by around 70%
as confidence in the market crashed. It never really recovered.
What I am writing is not an opinion it is what actually happened. If one thinks the previous last two years property market has been bad you have not seen anything yet.
If the same thing happens here and confidence in the property market collapses as it did in the UK so do sales in everything else from car sales to restaurants.

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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

It seems to me that if the weapon had discharged into a small child sitting in a booth behind the couple, killing her or maiming her for life then the following might happen, The restaurant who has little or no control over the weapon gets sued for Gazillions The Gun owner gets a slap over the wrist as it was an accident.
Is it possible that restaurants are allowed to ban Guns on their premises except for law enforcement?
If the gun owner was put away for irresponsibly discharging a weapon in a public place for a lengthy period (and whilst there may be considerable gnashing of teeth) the message would eventually get through.

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Family trying to find dog that bit woman

Why are you bringing the English we have bitten any Americans for years........

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Kobach defends photo ID to vote; wants power to prosecute alleged voter fraud

Hang on, 235 cases of alleged voter fraud. Specifics please.. clearly the instances he is talking about will be in the public domain, examples please.
If there were 235 cases of alleged fraud the national media would know about it.

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LJWorld.com elections section live

The first that should be on this discussion is to thank Jamie Shew and his team, for the fine job that they do. That goes for Law enforcement as well.

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