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Sound Off: Stoplight timing

Build a proper full size roundabout and then teach folk how to use it. ;-))

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It’s official: Brownback signs bill saying life begins at fertilization

Does the new law actually put Doctors who prescribe certain types of contraception at risk of prosecution, for example when prescribing IUDs?
Should women who use IUDs no longer use them or move out of Kansas are they at risk before the law.
What is the situation with the morning after pill particularly in cases of rape?

I suppose what I want is someone from the group who support the governor's law to come out and specifically answer these annoying sorts of questions so we know where we stand.

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Vigil held to promote gun control

Assault weapons by their very nature are what they are called, weapons for assault. I do not see a problem with shotguns riffles pistols etc for recreation.
Thus if one owns an assault weapon one would surely own it with the intention of assaulting someone at some point which would be illegal, thus why would one worry about a ban on them?
Or what about the folk who want to own a machine gun for their own protection this would be a Defense weapon.
Now clearly as we all know there is a vast difference between an assault weapon and a defense weapon. Just because they look the same, weigh the same, take the same rounds, work the same, does not mean they are the same.

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Editorial: Thatcher inspiration

I lived through the Thatcher years and ran a business under her rule. The Editor did not.
She single-handedly decimated the British property market, Bankrupted tens of thousands of small and medium sized business. You did not want to be poor or ill under her regime. Worse would be working poor or working ill.
She treated senior colleagues (at cabinet level) like dirt.
She affected an upper class voice, when her parents ran a shop in the Midlands - which one would think she would have been proud of. Her husband Dennis, a long suffering chap, was a very successful business man in his own right which is why she had the money to pretend to be something she was not.
Editorials are for opinions. That is why one owns a newspaper, fair enough, but one should actually research the facts. I could go on, but all some folks look at is the UK taking back the Falklands and thus she bought the greatness back to the UK.

The Conservatives (her own party) threw her out and a great deal of the country thought good riddance. She was never in the same league as Churchill or Reagan.
It may not be true to say that there are folk on the streets across the UK singing "Ding Dong, the Witch is dead", but it is only because being civilized, we do not speak ill of the dead.

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Sweeping abortion bill sent to governor

I have posted a couple of comments today on this thread and now they are not there any more what is going on. They were in no way rude or offensive.?

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‘At fertilization’ declaration gives some pause

Seriously I wonder who or what department one asks?

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‘At fertilization’ declaration gives some pause

Does that mean that IUDs are now illegal in Kansas?. What is the legal situation for Doctors who prescribe an IUD? What is the legal situation for a woman who uses one?

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Anti-abortion bill expected to win final approval this week

Nearly 7 hours on and no one has seriously answered my question. Who should I ask?

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Anti-abortion bill expected to win final approval this week

I have asked before and will try again to see if any one can deal with the "life begins an fertilization" part. Not saying it does or does not, but if the law says it does what is the actual deal going to be with women who use IUDs or have used IUDs.
One can joke about check points at the state borders and fly overs but will the law mean that a lady who has used an IUD is liable in law for something.
I just wish someone who supports this bill would answer the question.
I would like them to address the issue of a dead fetus or one with out a head rare I know but it happens and why a mother should be forced to carry til term for others religious reasons.

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Sound Off: Reporting texters

If the good folk of Lawrence actually cared about texting or using the phone while driving then the Police could deal with it. A couple of plain cloths officers hanging around a number of different crossroad junctions and radioing a patrol car down the road to pull over the offender.
It would get around quickly.
Don't we sometimes think where is there a Police officer when we want one, more unmarked simple patrol cars between 7 and 9am would cure a great deal of this stuff.
We just do not want to pay for it and the Police have to prioritize what they do.

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