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Town Talk: Papa Murphy's pizza, karate, wireless phone store and a credit union slated for new West Lawrence center

Ahhh..simply the mention of Menards warms my heart...Topeka opened a new store, and I drive there for what I need in that world..would be nice to see one here..but NOOOOOOO...we can't have that type of growth, can we?

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Town Talk: Ross department store chain files plans to move into former Old Navy spot; city spends about $180,000 on Final Four operations; ADM signs lease to start local office

Having a family, my wife & I shopped as Ross locations in other parts of the country.

Nice stores, not a deep discount or dollar store, was always pleased with cleanliness and value
in every location..good get for Lawrence.

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Sound Off: Do Knology employees who drive their trucks to/from their homes to work have special perm

I've lived all over the country..and I've never seen the whining on small things like I have here.

Great town, cool downtown scene..but a lot of whining..pretty amusing though.

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Town Talk: Talk of a West Lawrence recreation center involving KU Athletics heats up; a car wash project and a discussion about whether the city is business friendly

I agree 100% about the New Century Fieldhouse..I've been a referee for a number of basketball tourneys there..beautiful facility, a lot going on.

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Sound Off: When did KLZR start in Lawrence?

And now, the call letters are KKSW, or something along those lines..crap for crap

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Town Talk: Banquet business looking to open on Conn. Street; Olive Garden questions keep coming; a Wichita grocery deal to keep an eye on

I've seen Save-A-Lot stores..they run well, but the stores in areas I've you really want the clientele?

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