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Plans for Walmart Express in Baldwin City tabled after protests

Before my wife and I moved to Lawrence, the town I worked in at the time, with two supermarkets in town plus downtown businesses, announced that a WalMart Supercenter was coming in..and of course, the death of business in the town was the talk everywhere.

So we move back from Lawrence to this area, and the town has not only the Supercenter (their small sized one), but the two other supermarkets all doing well, plus the other businesses you would think would be decimated have not. This is a town of 8,000 people, 20 miles from TWO other full-sized Supercenters, plus Menards on top of it. And the businesses are all doing fine..go figure!

I deal with the president of the Chamber of Commerce regularly, and she, like me, would never have thought it would turn out like that for sure!

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Town Talk: Papa Murphy's pizza, karate, wireless phone store and a credit union slated for new West Lawrence center

Ahhh..simply the mention of Menards warms my heart...Topeka opened a new store, and I drive there for what I need in that world..would be nice to see one here..but NOOOOOOO...we can't have that type of growth, can we?

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Town Talk: Ross department store chain files plans to move into former Old Navy spot; city spends about $180,000 on Final Four operations; ADM signs lease to start local office

Having a family, my wife & I shopped as Ross locations in other parts of the country.

Nice stores, not a deep discount or dollar store, was always pleased with cleanliness and value
in every location..good get for Lawrence.

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Sound Off: Do Knology employees who drive their trucks to/from their homes to work have special perm

I've lived all over the country..and I've never seen the whining on small things like I have here.

Great town, cool downtown scene..but a lot of whining..pretty amusing though.

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Town Talk: Talk of a West Lawrence recreation center involving KU Athletics heats up; a car wash project and a discussion about whether the city is business friendly

I agree 100% about the New Century Fieldhouse..I've been a referee for a number of basketball tourneys there..beautiful facility, a lot going on.

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Sound Off: When did KLZR start in Lawrence?

And now, the call letters are KKSW, or something along those lines..crap for crap

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Town Talk: Banquet business looking to open on Conn. Street; Olive Garden questions keep coming; a Wichita grocery deal to keep an eye on

I've seen Save-A-Lot stores..they run well, but really..in the stores in areas I've seen..do you really want the clientele?

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