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Sheahon Zenger’s pick: Take it or Leavitt


I'd be thrilled if our fb program reached the level of NC, UCLA & now Kentucky.

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Dick Vitale predicts KU basketball fifth…in Big 12

Vitale is about as relevant as hammer pants, gravity boots and Meg Ryan! He hasn't really paid attention to the game of basketball since the players wore shorty shorts and knee socks.

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Mangino wins games, not friends

For the most part, Bobby Knight, Bear Bryant and Bill Parcels always demanded the best for the sake of the team and the player. I think MM gives everyone the impression that he is a "selfish" A.H. who demands the best because that's what is best for MM.

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When will KU go retro?

OHHH ...I've been waiting for this for a LONG time!

KU must bring back the fierce 1941 Jayhawk for football only. And not just once, ALL THE TIME!

I love my Jayhawk but the guy is a little too happy for football. The 1941 Jayhawk is almost identical but he has a scowl instead of a smile.

Somebody start a petition. Somebody call Lew Perkins. Somebody pass a law! Now that we're a football power, THIS MUST HAPPEN!!!

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Carl Henry says sons still coming to Kansas

Oh boy, LaSalle! Can't wait!

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Woodling: Perkins holds hammer

Don't gripe about it until you've compared the policy to the policies at other Big 12 and division1 institutions. Not obtaining that information BEFORE writing this article was lazy and irresponsible.

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