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Mirecki apology doesn't appease critics

Now I've gotten started. :)

What really gets me about our country is, there are scores of people, more growing up every day, who would love to make a name for themselves by blowing up major U.S. cities.

They could settle this entire debate for us in a radioactive instant, and yet our politicians are focusing on interviewing some college professor with bad email manners.

At least all of this is well preserved on tape backup for future generations -

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Mirecki apology doesn't appease critics

This whole issue has always seemed so trivial to me.

I mean honestly, if St. Peter tells you that you're wrong about Evolution (regardless of view) at the pearly gates, will you storm off in a huff?

The point of this life is what you DO with your time while you're here, not whether or not God's plan involved evolution.

I might differ with GM, for example, about how my car was made, but how I actually use that car is much more important in the end -

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