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School to build its first wind turbine

Less talk more DO!!!

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Apartments add challenges for transit route specialists

build build build. Build build build, build build build. Build, build build build build build build. The way thing are going, the school numbers will go down and the transit will shut down. So hey lets build build build more housing for a phantom market. How American. Jeez students wont even live in there. It will most likely be workers. "but at least I wont see a field full of tattered, windblown Wal-Mart plastic bags anymore." But a bunch of crap apartments is better?

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Healthy moms tend to produce healthy babies

OH WOW. You have to be kidding me. I am speechless. I always thought the opposite.

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Dance with Sundance: Trio of projects shot in Kansas advance to film festival

The bourgeois are going to love it I am sure.

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Kansas gets 'Fs' from American Lung Association

bunch of sheep is what they think we are. How much to people have to see before it they realize that it has nothing to do with health. It is all propaganda from the candy industry.

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It may have been an F on smoking, but Kansas gets a B for dental health

How many articles do you need to explain one freaking thing? And don't forget to check under your toilet seat for Reds.

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Theater festival to draw 1,600 to Lawrence

well, now that Lawrence got rid of the hippies they need to get rid of those fancy pants thespians. I don't want to see men in tight pants walking around my fair and unbiased city.

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Sebelius pledges to hold the line on taxes

How many lies do we have to put with? How long do we have to live with the lies and the false promises? What a frigging circus. This train wreck is not stopping anytime soon people.

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Israel finds itself at crossroads in Gaza invasion

I highly doubt they are at a crossroads. They have a plan. They will follow through with it. And good for them. It should have been taken care of last time. But no, they have to listen to whiny Americans and the babies in the UN cry about how this isn't right. What do you people know? I think they are being to nice and that America needs to keep its big fat Roman nose out of it. Do you people really think that our government isn't happy this is happening? What would you do if missiles were being shot into Larrytown? And not smart ones. They point and fire. How many children and schools need to be blown up? Republican, Democrats, whatever. Both parties are liars and cheats and both parties have their own agenda when it comes to this event.

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Roberts' office: NBAF officially awarded to Kansas

Great, that is great. Now instead of being able to contain anything it will spread from the inside of this country. Now instead of being on an island it is smack in the middle of North America? Genius. G bless America. Not only do we have the opportunity to wipe out a huge hunk of the worlds wheat but we can wipe out most of the population with one stone. Nice. Merry Christmas Kansas, here is a vial of Ebola. Don't drop it!

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