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Law enforcement officers receive gift of smiles from young shoppers

You are one narcissistic individual... These officers, either on or off-duty, were providing a very thoughtful service to children of our community who may otherwise, due to circumstances beyond their control, would not have enjoyed such a nice Christmas. Kudos to our Law Enforcement community!!

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Local law enforcement agencies withhold information on citizen complaints

First, how does a file photograph of a press conference involving a cockfighting ring have anything to do with this story??? The JW students would have been better off putting up a picture of Jennifer Anniston that would have equal relevance.

Secondly, I'm all for the complaint files being open to the public. This would include publicly naming all of the accusers as well as how many complaints they have filed over the years. I believe the public would see a direct correlation with the number of complaints each year.

Thirdly, I am all for the police department naming officers publicly when the complaint is sustained; however, I am against naming the names of officers when the complaints are exonerated. People will complain on officers just to be vindictive to see their names published in a negative manner.

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How many police officers do you think the city of Lawrence should add to its ranks?

If you see them all over, why do you continue violating the traffic laws. Don't come whining when you get caught doing wrong. The officer was doing what we taxpayers pay and expect him to do, which is enforce ALL the laws.

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Police release name of man found dead in Lawrence hotel room, say he died after fight with female acquaintance

If your use of grammar is indicative of your reading comprehension, there is no amount of information in a story that could help you.

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Police release name of man found dead in Lawrence hotel room, say he died after fight with female acquaintance

If your use of grammar is indicative of your reading comprehension, there is no amount of information in a story that help you.

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Police requests

I always find these debates amusing. Our police department, whose primary responsibility is to protect and serve our community, is asking permission to update their antiquated equipment and add a protective vehicle to help officers during high risk assignments but the naysayers are jumping all over this. I never read about questioning a multiple-million dollar fire department headquarters or a $800,000 fire truck and let's not forget about the $18,000,000 library. I'm not saying these things are not important; however, the police department is asking for equipment that cod potentially save a citizens or officer's life. The CC and citizens need to prioritize... Do we want a police department that is proactive or reactive to the criminal element?

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Lawrence City Commission considers need for new police department building

The officers that are dispatched to calls are out in the patrol cars, not in the facilities. I would be in favor of fifteen patrol officers and two sergeants positions. The department already has 17 detectives, which is 20% of the patrol officers. If my memory serves me right, the patrol officers are the ones that process the crime scenes and do the investigation work anyways.

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Man released from hospital after police shooting incident, taken into custody

$5750 bond is a slap in the face to his parents as well as the police department.

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A new chief in town: Tarik Khatib outlines priorities for Lawrence police department

Congratulations to Chief Khatib! on a job well done!! The men and women of the Lawrence Police Department are some of the best officers in our state. My brother is an Overland Park police officer and he speaks very highly about the professionalism and integrity displayed by the Lawrence Police Department. When I spoke with him about the change in police chiefs, he also described the position as one of the most sought positions in the law enforcement profession, reiterating what the Wichita candidate said when he withdrew.

Some of the challenges I foresee the police department addressing:

1) The crime rate has risen to an unacceptable level in our city. Refocusing their resources to address the "10%" problem should be a priority.
2) Resources-- they need to hire more officers to patrol our streets. No more detectives, no more supervisors, no more fluff positions, but officers on patrol to patrol our neighborhoods. I like the idea of hiring experienced officers to get them on the street in half the time of a new recruit. I was shocked to learn at the police chief forum that Lawrence sometimes only has ten officers patrolling the entire City. That is unacceptable. Would this call for a tax increase, most likely. If we don't back hiring more officers, new businesses/families/etc will go by the way side to a safer city.
3) Citizen education-- I like the idea of educating the public about protecting themselves from the criminal element. I remember a long time ago, the police department use to have officers go out to businesses or residences and conduct security checks, while offering advice on how to protect oneself.

Again, congratulations to Chief Khatib. The community has high expectations of our police department and I am excited to see you as their leader.

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