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Letter: ACA coverage

The difference you are ignoring is one is a loan and one is a handout but I guess you can't tell the difference.

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Letter: ACA coverage

Sorry but your numbers don't add up. When you add the money that comes from citizens paying more than their cost to subsidize others then your numbers are more than 100%.

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Letter: ACA coverage

Kaiser released info that 40% of businesses have deductibles classified as high deductible which results in 80% of employees covered by employer provided insurance as having a high deductible plan. These numbers have increased dramatically in less than five years. So now with the majority of employees on a high deductible plan and with those who buy a high deductible plan on their own that would mean most have a high deductible plan. Now factor in that 25% of US has no savings and 2/3 of those who have savings have less than six months worth of necessary expenses covered. High deductibles while helping lower premiums bring in the problem of if one needs to seek healthcare, there is a large portion of people including working people that will struggle to cover their high deductibles.

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Letter: ACA coverage

What you are ignoring is that even those covered by employer plans have seen their deductibles rise significantly. Kaiser recently reported that more than 40% of employer plans now have deductibles greater than $1000. Less than 10 years ago that number was approx 10%. So when one adds that number with the number of people buying their own insurance who have seen deductibles rise substantially it is not hard to see (if one wants to) that approx half the policies now have what is referred to as a high deductible. If one considers reports that middle class are staying away from healthcare due to higher deductibles due to inability to pay those deductibles one sees the problem with ACA. For some premiums may be down but if deductibles are going up people are caught. Unfortunately the majority of people have little if any savings which means that most families can't come up with deductibles as high as $12000. Whatever if anything some may save on premiums get spent not saved to use when deductibles come due.

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Letter: ACA coverage

The facts are it helped millions and it screwed millions. I never stated how many millions or if the millions were equal. By your logic I would have to state it helped millions and it screwed many tens of hundred thousands. You are inferring the numbers in my statement to be equal because of your bias.

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Letter: ACA coverage

My ability to retire early has nothing to do with how ACA affects millions of people. You repeatedly bring up this topic apparently in an attempt to somehow shame me for my hard work and good financial management. What you are actually doing is looking envious.

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Letter: ACA coverage

Once again you show your jealousy about my personal situation. Let it go James.

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KU, students answer lawsuit by business school teacher formerly employed by Koch

What may legally be a major difference between Mr Hall and other professors is Mr Hall is self funded compared to paid by state funds. That might make a difference for those of you saying his employer has a right to his emails. If he is self funded then he could be considered self employed and not a state employee. The state if not considered his employer might have a tougher time getting a legal right to his emails.

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Letter: ACA coverage

What James is well aware of but dismisses as inconsequential is that ACA hurts the middle class the most. The lower incomes get subsidies, the really wealthy don't really care since they can self insure but the middle incomes (singles making more than $46k or couples making more than $93k) are getting hit often with higher deductibles up to $12k for a family as well as premiums that may have went up as well. The ACA is wealth redistribution primarily from the middle incomes to the lower incomes. By dismissing the millions of people affected he can claim ACA a rousing success. It has helped millions of lower incomes but there are millions of middle incomes that it has hurt but he chooses to ignore that fact.

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Letter: ACA coverage

I never said the two numbers were equal, that is you attempting to put words in my mouth. I stated ACA helped millions and it screwed millions. That is accurate.

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