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Your Turn: Students defend information request

Just remember that James, for when a conservative led witch hunt is out to get a liberal professor I expect you to be front and center pointing out their legal right to do so while ignoring the ideology involved.

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

You state, "The point is that this issue, Koch/KU, has nothing to do with ideology." If the law says you are entitled to the records so be it, but don't think for a minute you are convincing anyone that this has nothing to do about political ideology. This is all about a political ideology that you don't like.

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

Once again you are wrong Taran. I don't support this liberal led witch hunt against conservatives and I don't support the conservative led witch hunt against liberal professors mentioned in post below. While the groups may have legal rights for the records, they are in both cases doing nothing but trying to silence professors because they don't like the ideology the professor may have. So in short whether it is a liberal group looking to get a conservative professor or a conservative group trying to get a liberal professor I find their actions (while legal) quite slimy in intentions. The groups can claim all the goals of public good and educational honesty they want, but what they are trying to do is slimy.

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Judge finds man guilty of DUI, drug possession in accident in which KU student lost his legs

Driving is privalege not a right. Read the law. One has the right to refuse a breathalyzer test, though the refusal to take the test is equivalent to flunking the test. If one doesn't like the law then one can not drink and drive or one can simply not drive at all.

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

The law manages to work under such a protocol. I have never said the group shouldn't be allowed the records if that is how the law reads. They should at least be honest and admit they are on a witch hunt against this person simply because they don't like the political ideology of the Kochs. But I hope you supported the conservative lead witch hunt wanting liberal professors emails just as strongly as you support this group.

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

Another useless comment and personal attack by Taran. Who would have guessed?

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Torture report says little on Pat Roberts' role

There is no need to play word games like you are trying to do. What matters are facts not your opinion or mine. The facts are as I have repeated twice. Torture is a legal term. The actions carried out were reviewed prior to action by Bush's Justice Dept (and Congressional leaders) and after the fact by Obama's Justice Dept. Neither found the EIT actions to rise to the level of "torture". You may not agree but all that matters is what the legal opinions are. You are attempting to rewrite history and in doing so lay blame and shame on those people charged with finding information. They did their job (for the vast part within boundaries) as described and as defined as legal. To now say what they did was illegal (torture) is not being fair to those involved.

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Torture report says little on Pat Roberts' role

No "torture" isn't more than a legal term. It is a legal term. What transpired was reviewed by Justice Dept and courts. Torture did not occur. Even Justice Dept under Obama (not the out of control Bush) didnt find evidence of torture. Democrats/liberals were aware of what was going on and agreed. So trying to lay all blame solely on Republicans doesn't fly.

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

If the law states the emails are fair game then so be it. I have never advocated that anyone, conservative or liberal, should be above the law. What I have tried to point out is similar to David's concern. This record request is nothing more than a fishing expedition as this group has failed to provide any specific claims of wrongdoing against this professor other than his position has Koch funding support. While the group is trying to pass off their concern as that of the greater good of the university and education as a whole, what they are actually doing is singling out someone based on an ideology they claim this person has that they don't agree with. If the group has a specific claim of wrongdoing that is supported by some facts then by all means investigate. But to investigate someone without any evidence of wrongdoing but solely based on an ideology you don't like is not the American way. While your record request may be legal, it does not make it ethical or moral. I guess universities are no longer the place to learn about ethical and moral issues but only the legal ones.

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