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For a medium sized venue, it's pretty good. The floor is big and there is a second floor that's elevated a bit. I like it because it's not too big and it's not too small

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For a small venue, its really good. You get to be close to the stage and it's a really personal experience. There are also bleachers to the side, so even if you don't want to get in the crowd, you can still see the stage really well.

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Urban Outfitters is a really cool place to shop if you have a lot of money. I was told by a friend that its really cool and to check it out and when I did I found the only things I could afford was a thing of lip gloss available at the regester. However, the store does have very fashionable clothes and they also offer perferct dorm necessities. So, if it was more affordable I would highly suggest it, but there are millions of other better stores you could go to as well.

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I went here for the first time and loved it! This is different because I normally hate mexican food but after eating here I wanted to eat it everyday! Plus, the decorating of the place is really neat and fun and the service is terrific! I highly suggest this for any occasion.

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I love going to this store everytime I'm on campus. Like many other spirit wear type stores, it has your usual KU shirts, but it also has many others you haven't seen before that are pretty cool too. Sometimes it is hard to find girls style shirts and I looked everywhere for a 2K girls shirt and found it here. Besidesclothing, they also have a lot of other great KU things such as posters, car stuff and things for the house. I always find new thing I love when I come here.

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Early start for school catching some by surprise

do lawrence schools get built in snow days? or when they have a snow day do they add on to the school year?

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Peer counselors to help students master basics of personal finance

in Liberty we are required to take a personal finance class to graduate and I am glad because it really prepares you for what you need to do. I just took the class this summer and have already began saving money, it was very effective.

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‘Eclipse’ howls past record with $30M

she is working on Midnigh Sun which is Twilight but from Edward's point of view. She has the firt 120 pages on her website, its very interesting to be inside his head.

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World of social media is amazing, but so is old-fashioned solitude

I'm interested in journalism, when I get older I don't want to write for a newspaper online, I want it to be printed

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June 27-30, 2010: The end of June

i like the color flower pic better mainly becasue the color added to the b&w one looks off with the color on the flower behind it and the green around the flower which isnt part of the focus of the main flower

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