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Douglas County Commission to consider letter from bicycle group

Ockham's razor: tear out that road from Kasold to K-10, problem solved. You could keep the walking path. Bicyclists already have a safe crossing at Wakarusa and 27th and K10.

Besides, they're riding for exercise, yes?

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Bicycle group latest to raise access concerns about K-10/Kasold Drive intersection

Ockham's razor: tear out that road from Kasold to K-10, problem solved. You could keep the walking path. Bicyclists already have a safe crossing at Wakarusa and 27th and K10.

Besides, they're riding for exercise, yes?

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Lawrence suspends plan to prohibit concealed weapons in public buildings

The same reason fire extinguishers exist. You hope you won't need to use it, but will be glad to have if you ever do need it.

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Opinion: Hitler comparisons not unfounded

I'm sorry, but I still don't see it.

You might have a point if he calls for the next Kristallnacht. Yet his opposition seems OK with beating rally-goers, or trying to steal a gun from a cop to assassinate him. But I guess that's none of my business.

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50 slain at gay nightclub in Florida, worst mass shooting in US history

No one uses an automatic weapon to hunt deer. "Assault weapons" are those used in the military, fully-automatic (meaning you can pull the trigger once and the weapon will keep shooting until you let go, or it runs out of ammo). An AR-15 is semi-automatic (meaning each pull of the trigger will shoot only one bullet, so to cycle through an entire magazine's worth of ammo, it will require multiple trigger pulls).

Assault weapons are already heavily controlled, and it takes a permit to own one. It has been this way since 1986.

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Opinion: Hitler comparisons not unfounded

How is Trump like Hitler again? I don't see Trump constructing concentration camps. I don't see Trump (or Trump supporters) beating people who oppose them, or trying to throw anyone *legal* out of the country. Interestingly enough, I do see a lot of protesters attacking Trump supporters for merely being at a rally.

Invoking Godwin's law doesn't work, "Once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress."

Godwin himself said, "If you're thoughtful about it and show some real awareness of history, go ahead and refer to Hitler or Nazis when you talk about Trump. Or any other politician."

100% of all illegal aliens are criminals.

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Former city commissioner seeking large tax rebate for proposed downtown project

Absolutely a resounding NO to tax breaks for developers. This town doesn't need developers, it does just fine on its own. If you're a developer and think you need a tax break, then maybe you should rethink if you need to build or not.

This town is a haven for development, and we don't need to give them tax breaks. It has a major university and is stuck mid-way between Kansas City and Topeka. The location speaks for itself and people will be drawn here regardless.

So no. A thousand times, no.

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Lawrence city leaders to discuss improved enforcement of citywide fireworks ban

• Drunk drivers kill people and leave survivors with PTSD. Let's ban cars.
• Women get beat and raped by men. Let's ban men, or make them wear burkas so that women suffering PTSD don't have to see men resembling their attackers.
• Kids are sometimes bullied at school by jocks; let's ban sports wear and jerseys
• Seeing red ink brings back horrible memories of the time my professor gave me a B+ on my essay when I *clearly* deserved an A. Let's ban red ink, lest I become triggered.
• This post will undoubtedly trigger some SJW (Social Justice Warriors) and therefore we should ban commenting on this thread.

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After Oread kerfuffle, city suggests adding right to audit into future incentive deals

The City needs to stop whoring itself out to developers. This city already is prime location with the University, and sandwiched half-hour drive to Topeka and Kansas City.

If developers think a project needs to be done, the market will prove or disprove them in a few years. Stop throwing money at developers, Lawrence, they don't need it!!

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Should Kansas do away with daylight saving time?

I like light later in the afternoon as opposed to the morning.

I'd rather it be darker in the morning as I shamble to work and haven't yet had my morning caffeine.

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