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Q&A on Lawrence police headquarters, sales tax

Vote no. The building at 15th and Wakarusa is sufficient in size, they can consolidate there.

I've had several LEO tell me it's a waste. Not the brass, of course, but the rank-and-file officers.

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Davis loses ground to Brownback in Kansas governor's race

Greg is correct. If you were mentioning it by name, you would capitalize it. It's akin to saying "the football stadium" vs. "Memorial Stadium". Hope this helps!

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Religious beliefs keep one of Kansas' top cross country runners from regionals

Couldn't they just rest the next day? A lot of people who work the meets do so because they want to, and their Sabbath is on Sunday.

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5 things to know about the city's new curbside recycling service

so we have to pay so another company can make a profit?

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Letter: Gun sense

A much more significant amount of lives (including children!) could be saved if breathalyzer locks were mandatory in vehicles. The author of this letter doesn't care about lives saved, but instead just about getting rid of guns.

The "save the children" argument is getting really, really old.

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Suspicious man turns out to be new school employee

My thoughts, exactly.

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Topeka council to consider nudity ban

We all better run to Topeka to streak before it's banned! :)

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Couple donate ranch, $2 million to KU

I'm not sure why the owners wished to remain anonymous. Once the location of the land is known, it will be simple work to find out who owned the land prior.

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Four suspects arrested after string of overnight burglaries

My 12 gauge would love to introduce herself to any intruders.

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Two injured in alleged central Lawrence stabbing

I guess it depends. Is the knife lodged in hilt-deep, blade buried straight in? Then no, you've been stabbed, either accidental or on purpose, it's a stabbing. No alleged about it.

I guess we need more details on the laceration. Superficial? Then it's a cut. A stabbing involves a knife going into your body mostly perpendicular to your body. A slice or a cut runs parallel.

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