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Opinion: Truckers impose traffic order

Hmmm, merge into one lane 5 miles back, or drive up (not breaking any laws) to the point at which I need to merge and wait for a slow vehicle to open up a spot? Yes, I'll do the latter, thanks!

You people merging back 5 miles are actually slowing down traffic worse than (like others have said) using the zipper method.

I've had some trucks try to move over into my lane (hogging both lanes), but my V8 zips around them faster than they can to try to out-maneuver my maneuver. Not to mention that straddling a lane while not passing (or merging) violates driving laws.

Oh I'll get the bird thrown at me, and people cuss behind their closed windows, and some people try to be mean and not let me merge, but it's only because they didn't have the foresight to merge like a zipper... like you're supposed to do.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

No, I was talking about the so-called "job creators". You can be rich and not be a job-creator, and I don't care about those people. I'm talking about the ones who say they "need" lower taxes because they're "job creators". I was merely pointing out their heaping pile of B.S. Sure, they have capital, property, business expenses, etc, etc, but I'm talking about the B.S. that they're going to create a bunch of jobs "just because". It's a completely line. They will only create jobs *if and only if* it benefits their profit margins. They'll yank jobs away if they can get away with it and keep profits.

But please, keep drinking the Koolaide. Listen, I don't care who is in charge, Republicans or Democrats, (because I know this will probably devolve into that discussion). I'm just calling a spade a spade (and no that phrase isn't racist, it pre-dates the ethnic slur, in case someone wants to throw that card out).

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Feel free!

Also, for argument's sake, I just called my dad. He was a "job creator" since he had a business (butcher). Besides his regular hired man, he also had seasonal help during deer season. As small butcher shops gradually closed down, he would sometimes get farmers from an area that he wouldn't normally get, and eventually hired a 2nd full-time person in the later years.

I asked him, "Hey dad, quick question, during deer season, if you hadn't needed the help, would you have hired any of the temp help? Or if you didn't need to hire the other person and were able to keep up with the demand, would you have hired him?

Both questions he thought about and said, "probably not." He admitted that during the busy times, it was harder on his body, so it was nice having the extra help, but if he could have kept up with demand, he probably wouldn't have hired extra help. (of course he also had semi-free help by way of myself and my brother).

The trickle-down economy people would have you believe that "job creators", like my father, can't wait to throw jobs at people, if it wasn't for that rascally Government trying to impose taxes!

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Let's do some simple math. Let's say we have 1 really rich person and he has 100 people at minimum wage. Those 10 people would like to go to a movie, but can't afford it. Meanwhile, the rich dude goes to the movie and enjoys it. The movie theater gets money from one person.

Now the law changes so those 100 people now earn an extra dollar an hour. They've earned 40 more dollars that week (minus taxes). The really rich person really hasn't lost much for those 100 employees (I'd wager that he could probably afford to pay them more, but then won't be able to pay the taxes on an 80 foot yacht he's been looking at). So instead he goes to the movies, where 101 people are now seated. The movie theater is now able to hire an extra person as well to support the influx of movie-goers.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

I wonder if the author is the same person who owns Hands 2 Help here in Lawrence? If so, that could explain why he doesn't want a higher minimum wage.

The simple fact of the matter is, "trickle down" economics do not work... except for the rich. The so-called "job creators" would like you to think so, but next time a "job creator" spouts of trickle-down economics, ask them if they could double their income without increasing their work-force, would they still hire people? Of course they wouldn't. Oh they'll give some silly response and try to throw in a red herring or two and probably toss in a straw man for good effect, but the fact of the matter is, no, they would not. And who could blame them? If I could suddenly get double income without doing anything extra, I would do it, and so would everyone else. But that nullifies their argument against a trickle-down economy. Job creators *only* add jobs if it can add to their income and wealth. What's good for the goose should be good for the gander. Give a good wage and people will respect you.

My father owned his own business and had one man that he hired full-time to help him. When times were lean, my father would sometimes forego writing himself a paycheck for the week so that his hired man could get paid and stay employed.

If we want our country to thrive again, we need a strong middle-class. We're doing the exact wrong things to achieve that. We need a higher minimum wage and much higher taxes on the rich. A progressive tax plan is best.

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State reviewing safety measures for Kansas National Guard facilities in response to Chattanooga shootings

While I agree that those two probably shouldn't have displayed their weapons like that, I do believe it's silly that military personnel (other than MPs on duty) are unarmed. I think that officers at a certain rank or higher (I haven't quite worked out in my head what rank that should be yet.. 1st Lt? Captain? Colonel? something else higher or lower?) should be able to carry a side-arm as part of their daily military uniform.

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Police: Lawrence 10-year-old 'doing fine' after father accidentally shot him Friday

Same as Mr. Ballard, I grew up in a household with several firearms (although no handguns). My father both hunted and was a butcher (used firearms in his butcher shop) and we were taught at a very young age to always assume a gun is loaded. always point it somewhere safely. Even when cleaning we did this... it just keeps in your mind that your barrel is always pointed someplace safe, regardless of the status of the firearm.

Hell, even at gun shows where I can see the chamber cleared with a trigger lock on, I still point it somewhere safe, just to keep my mind in the right frame of mind.

As my brother-in-law says, "most accidents are due to an unloaded gun". Meaning, the person assumed it was unloaded and even testifies to that, "I swear it was unloaded."

The father in this story didn't do his due diligence, and as a result, shot his son. Thankfully for everyone involved, the boy is OK.

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Illegal firework violations can cost hundreds of dollars, jail time; police planning vigorous enforcement

Then cite someone for a littering violation. There already are laws dealing with that.

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Activists ask Wichita to remove Confederate flag from park

I realize you that you posted that as humor, but did you know that one of the official Confederate flag designs was with the St George's cross in the upper left corner and the rest of the flag white. Confederate officers, however, felt that since white was the color used for flags of truce, it should be changed (so then they added a red vertical bar on the right)


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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

I personally don't see the issue. I think gay people have every right to be unhappy like the rest of us. :D

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