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Letter: Feel safer?

Cary!! I've missed you! :D

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Gov. Brownback signs bill allowing concealed carry without permit

Actually, I talked to my neighbor who is a police officer. He said he already goes into every encounter with the assumption that the person is carrying (legal or not). To not do so could be a death sentence. So he said this law really changes nothing as far as he's concerned.

He'll still find felons who carry illegally and deal with it appropriately.

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Rock Chalk Park audit, incentives for Peaslee Center, Eldridge Hotel tax break set to be decided by city commissioners

The city needs to stop the tax breaks. Lawrence is a town that does not need to use them to attract development. We have KU, it's mid-way between Topeka and Kansas City, it sits betwixt two rivers, it has so many things going for it.

Developers are going to develop here because it's so valuable. Stop giving tax breaks!

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Letter: Smoking age

So you would rather miss out on tax dollars, and instead contribute it to gangs and drug cartels. Good call.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

A militia is created/composed of civilians, and is not active military. Sure they can be asked to join a military cause. Our National Guard (and Reserves etc) are not a "well regulated militia". They are subset of our government-controlled military.

Granted, I have heard many people in the military say that they wouldn't go door-to-door to take guns away (etc).. but in situations like that, they would just bring in outsiders, or they would bring in folks that don't care. A lot of young infantry are just itching to get "into a fire-fight". They want confrontation, so bringing in a company of fresh recruits into a town and telling them the local population is causing trouble and they need to be disarmed? Hopefully the Captain (or Major) would have a cool head about the situation and would disagree, or hopefully the Sergeants and Lieutenants might question what is going on. But don't underestimate young, cocky men holding guns being told they might have to use them to suppress local "terrorists."

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

well then, I stand corrected. :)

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

(up there I meant to say "...told me that I would not handle a gun alone, nor go hunting alone..." )

I would even be OK with the Hunter Safety (or gun safety) certificate as the in-state "license". It doesn't even have to be registered or recorded anywhere. Just a good-faith that "yes I went to the trouble to learn how to use this thing."

You don't just throw a guy at a forklift and say, "go to work". There is some training involved.

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Kansas closer to allowing concealed carry with no permit

I am totally cool with people needing some sort of training or class before carrying a firearm. I grew up in a butcher/hunter family, and have been around guns my entire life. But my dad told me that I would not handle a gun, nor go hunting alone, until I took a hunters' safety course.

I think every gun owner should take a gun safety and/or hunters' safety course.

I have a CCH and am pro-gun. But I also believe in safety.

We could save countless more lives if breathalyzer locks were installed in all vehicles. Just sayin'

March 18, 2015 at 9:53 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas proposal would allow concealed carry with no permit

I've pondered on this for a while since hearing about the Bill.

Full disclosure: I am a gun owner, and have owned/been around guns my entire life (butcher family, hunters, etc)

I think that everyone who buys/owns a gun should take a Hunters' safety course (or gun owners' safety course). Both would be valid. My father would never let me go hunting until we took that course. We were allowed to shoot with my dad or grandpa prior, but we were never allowed to use guns w/out supervision until we took the course.

I don't care if it's a long gun, or a hand gun. It doesn't even have to be tracked (but could be). It could be a wallet-sized card that you carry in lieu of a CCH (you could still get a CCH for carrying in other states). Or it could be transferred as a hunting license (so if you get a hunting license, you at some point in your life proved that you got the class, and then it could carry over etc)

I'm not saying it's a perfect system. Yes there's a lot of holes, etc. But it gets people thinking about the power they hold.

For what it's worth, I'm also a fan of mandatory breathalyzer key locks on all vehicles. There are far more deaths caused by drunk drivers than by guns.

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