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Budig: Steinbrenner a business pioneer

He was great for the Yankee$, but bad for baseball.

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Still no guarantees Big 12 will last

Will the people outside the conference who intervened on behalf of the Big 12 do it again if another conference attempts to expand beyond 12? If Delaney's greed and recklessness which caused all this is not held in check then we are not sitting on solid ground. If those who intervened do so again then the Big 12 can last.

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Huskers hightailing it: Football-rich Nebraska leaves Big 12 for Big Ten

Agree fs456:

I don't know about the KSU sites but their lemming-like fans keep coming here seeking validation for their program. I say good riddance to the warden and his flock of sheep. Is there any way they can expedite the process and leave now.

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Huskers hightailing it: Football-rich Nebraska leaves Big 12 for Big Ten

@ FKUHAHA - thanks for confirming everything I said.


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Huskers hightailing it: Football-rich Nebraska leaves Big 12 for Big Ten

Here’s the wardens legacy outside the state of Nebraska.

Good coach, although that decision to go for 2 against Miami was a real brain fart.

Recruited lots of criminal types to Lincoln (claimed he was trying to rehabilitate them).

Afraid to compete against Texas so bolted to a weaker conference.

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Colorado jilts Big 12 for Pac-10

“The University of Colorado is a great fit for the conference both academically and athletically and we are incredibly excited to welcome Colorado to the Pac-10.”

Translation: Even though CU has not been very competitive athletically and they have had some academic improprieties, we are willing to overlook this in the interest of more money for our conference.

Larry Scott, winner of the BS du jour award.

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Nebraska to announce move to Big Ten

I guess I can’t blame the warden, easier schedule and more money. Initially they will be able to compete in the Big 10 but over time the conference will drag them down to their level just like they did with Penn State. SEC, Big 8/12 and Pac 10 have been better football conferences than Big 10 for a long time. Bottom line, Warden Tom is leaving because he's afraid of Texas. What a coward.

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Internal review clears KU's Perkins of wrongdoing

Bad day for the malcontents.

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Regent: KU must rebuild support

OMG! Talk about a rush to judgment. If it were up to the whining brigade who frequent the LJW no one would have a job.

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KU chancellor orders review of equipment loan allegations, cautions against rush to judgment of Perkins

Amazing how much bad press Lew is getting compared to those who actually stole the tickets. Why are all the Lew bashers not bashing those responsible for the crime?

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