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KU should be wary of implementing ex-provost’s strategy

Lariviere was a wonderful provost at KU and helped make this school more exceptional. Dolph always preaches about bringing KU above mediocrity, but any time some one actually takes the actions needed to make KU great, he scolds them in this editorial.

Looks like Lariviere was liked at U of O, too:





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Brownback’s picks for regents this spring will be key

Any chance Brownback could fire Dolph?

"This writer" thinks the world would be better off without Dolph's vitriol, shallow, blatantly anti-KU weekend rants.

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Booths purchase original Naismith basketball rules at auction for more than $4 million

Also, the Booth family has donated tons of money to incredibly important causes (like academia). Most recently, $300 million dollars to the University of Chicago Business School.

This is just another incredible example of his generosity.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Heard on the Hill: Study abroad report released; Student responds to new Student Senate logo; KU Law group to view gay marriage arguments

After such a scathing comment, I should probably say that I generally like Mr. Hyland's articles. His articles are usually about meaningful topics of importance to the KU community. Guess this one just slipped out...

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Heard on the Hill: Study abroad report released; Student responds to new Student Senate logo; KU Law group to view gay marriage arguments

This is what I call "gotcha journalism."

Yesterday, the student body president said he talked to a few students about possibly designing the logo and instead decided to go with a professional ad agency for pretty sounds reasons (timing... and i would also presume, assurance of a higher-quality product).

Then, the LJWorld writes an article about how ONE student asked a "few instructors and students" if they had been approached by the student body president, with each replying "no."

So what does the LJWorld do next? They write an article which all but calls the student body president a liar.

The problem? There are 30,000 students at KU and probably close to 1,000 instructors. The fact that a few students and a few professors were not among the people approached hardly means that no one was approached...

But never mind the facts, I guess... Why withhold a juicy story simply because there's not any credible evidence to support it?!

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Governor Mark Parkinson says he has no apprehensions about Sam Brownback taking over

For once, I disagree with Governor Parkinson. There is plenty of reason to have apprehension about Sam Brownback becoming governor. Lets hope the Brownback Administration isn't the end of moderate politics in Kansas.

Governor Parkinson: I hope you enjoy D.C. Please come back to Kansas soon. We're going to need you.

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Capital timing

Parkinson would be a fine pick! But is he actually interested? And would he have the time considering his new job as head of the National Health Care Association?

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Regents lobby legislators to restore $50 million in funding for higher education

No, Sherrer is a former Lt. Governor because he didn't run again.

I probably wouldn't have voted for him if he did, but he's spot on when it comes to higher education funding. The Legislature has cut higher education to the bone and students are having to take out even more loans to pay for the higher tuition that naturally results.

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Critical vote

I have generally been impressed by the thoughtfulness of the LJWorld editorial board. I have also been a frequent critic of Dolph's Saturday KU-bash columns.

I'm going to assume that Dolph shoved this article 'down the throats' of the Editorial Board.

Either way, I'm disappointed. If this continues, I will (very regrettably) pull my subscription.

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