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Opinion: Intellectual dishonesty now rules

Leonard, I only needed to read two sentences and skim the rest to see how utterly and absolutely hypocritical you are. It only seems to matter when it doesn't fit your narrative.

After having read other columns of yours, you could be the poster child for dishonesty. I am not holding my breath for your capture of the intellectual dishonesty on the left. But this is all you are good for, voicing an opinion that only serves to continue to divide, misdirect, and misinform people. And you get paid for it. What a life you must have.

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Kobach to announce plans on governor's race within 2 months

In KS he could potentially win, depending on his competition. If you don't want him to win, then don't fall into the trap the Republicans and for that matter Democrats did with Donald Trump.

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

I'd love to debate his policies once you stop calling him a fascist Nazi. But when you say stuff like we had to make up lies to criticize Obama, you lose all credibility. there was so much to criticize him on.

But quite frankly, and I don't mean to be offensive, but you have given no one on this board or anyone who posts here that you can actually make an intelligent argument one way or the other. Most of the liberals here are too busy throwing hate and vile Nazi aphorisms to actually discuss the issues. I thirst for intelligent dialogue with liberals who can actually make an intelligent point and have something to offer society.

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

that's not going to happen.

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

Donald Trump was elected President. Check the headlines from January 21st. From now on, every time I see one of your posts, I am going to rebut it with this. I encourage every other person to do the same. Then maybe you can post something salient we could discuss and potentially agree on.

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

there was another column written about self-pity posted here in the LJW. You should read it and take it to heart Fred.

Am I happy he won? No. Did I vote for him? No. Is he the legitimate and legal President? Yes.

You should read the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" You could be the poster child for its topic.

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

Dorothy, Brock is right. You just love to bathe in hate. Instead of making it personal, you could argue the merits of the point he made regarding whose criticism was worse. But you are SO hateful of ANYTHING that could possibly oppose your own personal narrative.

You are the poster child for the hate that spews from the left. There was definitely some vitriol thrown at Barack Obama...it didn't come from me. There's a lot getting thrown at Trump, including your own.

Just for once in your life can you actually make an intelligent point w/o having to be so hateful?

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Opinion: Self-pity can be politically fatal

It's not self-pity with this guy...it's all salesmanship. Every time he speaks extemporaneously it's a sales job. Not making a value judgment here, but that's all it boils down to, that's why he'll say things that are outlandish like there were millions of illegal votes cast.

What's crazy is he did this for over a year and ends up in the WH...maybe that's more of a statement on his competition.

I would not characterize it as self-pity, we keep underestimating this guy's ability to survive.

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Letter to the editor: Crippling cuts

We don't have the money. We do have $20T in debt. That's 100% of our GDP. Debt service is several percentage points of our annual budget and it grows as a percentage every year. That is not sustainable.

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Letter to the editor: Our leader

The way he spoke, it does sound uneducated, I agree. It's disjointed, like many of his comments. But that type of speech resonates with his base..

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