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Missouri fans celebrate Kirsten Mack’s grand slam as Kansas University’s Shannon McGinley watches it

GRRRRR, Hulk not like Missouri! ....nice season ladies, you've made us proud!

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

You could make the same argument about Democrats who make equally crazy statements. I think when you go that far off the wagon painting someone with a political party is like using the phrase 'social gathering' to describe an orgy.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Somehow, I don't think Fox News would condone this, so me thinks they probably don't want him as a viewer. Actually, I don't think any news channel would want him as a viewer.

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Greene undergoes hip surgery

So Ellis was hurt, Greene was hurt, Alexander was out...that's a lot of cards stacked up against you when you're trying to win.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

I believe Cliff would have exploded next year with more time under HCBS tutelage. Look at how much Withey & Aldrich & T-Rob improved. I know Cliff could have gotten there. I would love to see him at least be a solid player in the NBA. Best of luck to you CA, work hard, get smart.

As for OADs, let's get guys who will commit to two years in the program, please.

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KU’s Oubre ‘ready’ to enter NBA Draft

Remember Kevin Young? Not the best player to ever put on a KU uniform, but gosh darn it that guy gave his 100% every time he was on the floor. He worked hard and played to the best of his ability every time he was on the floor. I really liked that guy. Frank Mason for the most part the same way...he fouled out of the game vs. WSU because he felt he had to help carry the team and do a lot more, and basically was right about that. Graham is going to be a hard worker too.

Oubre is not going to pan out well in the NBA, but that's his decision.

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Cyclones storm back to beat KU in Big 12 title game

KU got outcoached today, waited too long to change defenses. ISU has a habit of changing their game at the right time to beat their opponents. Not a good sign for us.

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Bonnie Henrickson out as KU women's basketball coach

I wish her well.

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Sooners survive scare from short-handed Kansas

Really can't be upset w/a 2 point road loss and three players unavailable. But it's frustrating for them to see a breakdown under the basket again for yet another last-second loss. Oubre was facing the basket and no one was boxing out. You've got to have someone boxing out not looking for a rebound. Maybe Coach forgot to assign that role. OU did a great job of picking off the D on the drive down the floor, I'll give them that. But they should not have gotten a second chance.

That said, great job to the team to step up, tough break for #31 getting his fifth. KU doesn't lose that game w/either Ellis or Alexander or Traylor on the floor at the end. Arguably one of the best games they played this year considering what they had against them.

All I'll say is that the Athletic Department better be burning up the NCAA's phone lines w/this eligibility issue. You can't hold him off the floor because of a, "Well, we're not really sure, but on the off-chance we're right, you're gonna be in trouble if you play him." BS. Poop or get off the pot NCAA>

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No asterisk necessary: Jayhawks come back to win Big 12 outright

You can see why WVU is ranked...they create so many turnovers just like they did when we played there.

We are really hurting w/o Cliff there in the middle. Our offense will have to rely on more drives and transition vice feeding the low post.

I say sit Perry for Saturday. Don't even take a teeny chance. However, I do see this team not playing 100% in Norman with the idea that the 'pressure is off'. That's going to require HCBS to make them understand that how they play in Norman will reflect how they play in a couple of weeks.

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