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Letter to the editor: Facts are facts

Which is exactly Bart's point, that no charges would be filed. She did in fact break the law, but no prosecution was recommended. That is a fact. SAP, TS, other level material was found on her server, outside the control of Government. If you really are a veteran, you should be appalled and horrified about her utter lack and care for the security of our national secrets. If you choose not to be appalled and horrified, that's your business I guess. Where was the Rule of Law with Fast & Furious? The IRS? Holder lying to Congress about Jeff Rosen? Where is holding people ACCOUNTABLE for their actions?

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Opinion: Blaming ‘elites’ and ‘media’ misguided

Sure, just that most of the media outlets only selectively report on the truth. How long did it take them to get on board the Benghazi and e-mail story? When did they hold the Administration accountable for Fast & Furious? Or the IRS? Or hammering the Administration on, "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period?"

Please do not insult my intelligence.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security


Like David says, it could be called the tutti fruity on Rudy tax, it all goes into the general fund. It's just a trick of bookkeeping, like Bill Clinton's "deficit reduction trust fund." It's all taxes, however you slice it.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

How much more money do we need to simply transfer from the haves to the have nots? How much more is enough for you? It's always more, more, more. It's not a safety net anymore. No one begrudges a safety net. Entitlements have become just that, a way of life. You want a $15 minimum wage, free education, free health care, unemployment, food stamps, disability, it never ends. At what point will the left stop enabling people to be non-productive and make them be productive members of society? You want to give your money away? Go ahead. Would you do the same thing if you weren't taxed? Probably not.

I learned self-reliance, providence, entrepreneurship, and striving to better myself. We are turning more and more of the people in this country into spoiled brats who think that everyone owes them everything, and quite frankly I'm tired of it. That's not the American spirit. We're a country where wusses are growing in number and the hard-working are fewer in number.

Sorry for the diatribe, but I've had it to here with the left telling me what I can and can't think, taking my money in the name of compassion and giving more and more of it to those who haven't earned it, instead of actually fixing the central and substantive issues affecting this nation.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

It is fundamentally and economically impossible to tax yourself into prosperity because of the reasons you laid out, that the government for the most part doesn't work on a for-profit basis. It does not absolve the government of being a proper fiduciary steward of the national Treasury. SS is a pension system with a negative real rate of return considering the administrative overhead to run it.

There's no assumption about growing or not growing out of debt. Look at the facts. The next ten years project deficits that start growing more significantly over the end of that span, based on the CBO. One excerpt:

Under the assumption that current laws will generally remain unchanged, the budget deficit is projected to decline in 2016, to $455 billion, or 2.4 percent of GDP, and then to hold roughly steady relative to the size of the economy through 2018. Beyond that time, however, the gap between spending and revenues is projected to grow faster than GDP: The deficit in 2025 is projected to reach $1.0 trillion, or 3.8 percent of GDP, and cumulative deficits over the 2016–2025 period are projected to total $7.2 trillion.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

No, you cannot cut military spending. I'm sorry, but in this case you are just going to have to trust me on this from someone who has a lot more experience in defense budgets than you do.

Sorry, in this case, you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. You couldn't even explain readiness if you tried.

In 2012, after Obama was re-elected, the Republicans went to him and said, "OK, you win, here's $800B in tax increase over the next 10 years," then he come back and says, "No, I want to raise taxes on everyone making over $250K, I get the rest for free." So instead of making substantive change, he held firm to his own ideological mantra, and after a bitter fight, we end up with a tax increase on those making over $450K, many Republicans voted for it to give him his win, and then after that any chance of doing anything substantive over the next four years was gone.

Taxes need to be somewhat shifted to consumption vice income-driven. Corporate tax rates need to be lowered, but also reformed such that companies are paying roughly the same effective rate, say 15-20%. You add a national sales tax to the mix, exempting food & medicine. You reduce income tax on personal income to something around 10%, with maybe a deduction for home mortgage, child credit, and a little for education and that's it. You redo the EITC such that the impact of a sales tax on low income folks is mostly negligible.

You make it much simpler, and make the corporate rate float from quarter to quarter within a specified range based on a set of indicators to increase rates when inflation picks up, and decrease when economic conditions weaken, taking the politics out of it, and stop using interest rates to stimulate growth, and go back to what it used to be for as purely an inflationary fighting tool. Actuaries could work out the right rates.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

Can't cut Defense anymore. Readiness is in a world of hurt right now. Hypothetically, if you gave the Joint Chiefs veto power over Congress (because Congress routinely votes for their districts, advocating for local industry regardless of whether or not we need that particular system, or whether it makes sense to have the F-35 made in all 50 states, etc.), you could save money, or get more buying power but that won't happen.

On the revenue side, you have to have genuine pro-growth tax reform. Too long to go into here, but our tax policy is killing job creation in this country. Tax hikes are not the answer, at least not in a first order sense.

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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

You'll never grow your way out of it because Congress will always scramble to spend that surplus, both Republican and Democrat. And with entitlement growth at its current pace, even the CBO shows growing deficits over the next ten years, and that's based on GDP growth rates we are not achieving.

FICA, Medicare, Corp Income, Personal Income...they're all taxes. They all go to the general fund. Everything else is bookkeeping, and the DoT shuffles the money around to pay the bills.

Retirment starts at 62. The full benefits age has increased by 2 years, not the base age. The base age needs to go up. Your argument about blue collar workers is an emotional one. Same is true for white collar workers. Everyone with a job.

People need to plan better and start early. I would much rather they be required to pay into a low-risk mixed index/income fund from an early age using part of their benefits, that will set them up much better in the long-run. And yes, you are going to come back with "SS is a pay as you go system." Well, it's starting to crack, and we're going to have to bite a huge bullet to get ourselves out from under its weight. It's going to cost trillions in all likelihood. But I remember as a kid out of high school I didn't want SS. I wanted to take care of myself. Would have been more than happy to opt out. Hell, I would have been glad to pay SS taxes until 30, opt out, and never see any benefit at all!

Your solutions all revolve around removing responsibility from the individual to take care of him or herself. The more we do that, the more dependent we are on Government. We have to arrest and reverse that trend.

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Opinion: Fascinated and fatigued by Trump

Oh forgive me! SIMILARITIES to Hitler. OK, Donald Trump is not SIMILAR to Hitler.

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Opinion: Fascinated and fatigued by Trump

Donald Trump is not Hitler. You're better than that.

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