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Letter to the editor: Chance for Trump?

Raw emotion aside, the incongruity of his success in life and getting elective coupled with his self-destructive behavior is baffling. He is absolutely dedicated to delivering his promises made on the campaign trail, unlike most politicians for which it is lip service, and I believe is a genuine patriot for taking this job, considering he could make a lot more money in the private sector. Yet, he snubs the Chancellor of Germany (don't tell me he just didn't hear the request), personally attacks judges, and loves making things up, giving fodder for an already very unfriendly press that isn't beyond twisting stories for their own benefit.

Self-identified Republicans & conservatives, you need to contact your Representatives & Senators with thoughtful correspondence, maybe drop a line to the WH too...someone has to get through to this guy.

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How’d a Jayhawk sweatshirt get in that Coke commercial, and how much money is KU making off it?

They no have cookie? Me do anything for cookie....COOKIEEEE!!!!

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Lawrence City Commission to respond to requests to declare sanctuary city status

In all seriousness, this literally turns my stomach.

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Sessions steps aside from Russia-contact investigation

Except when they are in power.

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Sessions steps aside from Russia-contact investigation

Any liberal who never called for Holder to resign after his plethora of corrupt practices and falsehoods under oath please stop talking, you have no credibility.

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Unanimous decision by Kansas Supreme Court: School financing system does not meet constitutional requirements

I'll take KS public education on a cut budget over CA public education on a fat budget any day of the week.

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Letter to the editor: Reforming health care

The ACA got ramrodded down the throats of the American public with 60 Democratic votes in the Senate. Then the President usurps Congressional authority by just arbitrarily changing the law whenever he felt like it through EO. Republicans had not voice in its creation.

Your comparison of Aetna pulling out of the exchanges yet trying to buy out a competitor doesn't work; that's not how corporate takeovers are financed...it's confusing expenses w/liabilities.

As for competition, it's desperately needed, especially across state lines.

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Letter to the editor: Reforming health care

Well as someone who is involved w/government contracting and knows the rules we have to live under, it's not going to work that easy. There will be backorders, shortages, or oversupply if you put the government in charge of buying every medical device w/o consumers having an option to purchase on the open market. And you are talking about an entire bureaucracy and supply system to support it. The administrative overhead alone would cost billions each year.

I don't know what the answer is on prescription drugs, but it's got to be a combination of regulatory reform, rules on third-party acquisitions, ending direct-consumer marketing, and updating laws on patents and licensing.

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Letter to the editor: Pitts invaluable

I hate puppies.

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Jayhawks' Senior Night goes from sluggish to spectacular

You almost had to feel bad for the Sooners....almost. Once they went up by 12, they never had a chance.

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