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City has limited recourse after 3 acres of neighborhood's mature trees were bulldozed

I don't like it either. But if he did buy the land to build an apartment building, those trees were coming down anyway. It really sucks for the neighborhood, I would wonder if they could sue the developer that in cutting down the trees he caused a tangible reduction in their property values, but I very much doubt it would even be entertained.

He didn't do anything illegal, but basically being a bad neighbor. I'd almost imagine those homeowners would want something developed there soon to block highway noise and add the seclusion back in.

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Opinion: Free-spending GOP needs reminder about debt

And then one day the piper comes a - callin'...

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Syed Jamal back in Kansas City area, but still detained, attorneys say

I have no idea what you are talking about. He overstayed his visa, he filed to file appropriate paperwork, he could have applied for citizenship, complicated as that is, so yes, this situation could have been avoided had he taken the steps to avoid getting to this point. Sarah is spot on, and I genuinely do not understand the point you are trying to make.

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Immigration law expert explains rocky path to citizenship; for cases like Syed Jamal's, it's complicated

OK, so the process is hard. Ever applied for a mortgage? Security Clearance? It's a lot of paperwork, but you do it because you have to.

He sounds like he could be a valuable citizen, but he didn't follow the rules, so instead of trying to become a citizen, he tried to hide from the system. Nothing has changed from this article. it's his fault, he is to blame.

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Opinion: City nearly ruined by U.S. rescue

Great points all around, objective assessment of positives and negatives. Overall, the horrible cost of war, which must be avoided to the maximum extent possible, and the decisions we make as a country that lessen or increase prospects for hostilities w/o caving to evil and terror.

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Letter to the editor: Trump is dangerous

Having just joined the conversation, I'll play:

1) He would never do a deal like the Iran deal where we negotiated with the world's greatest state sponsor of terror, give them $100B or so, and a clear path to a nuclear weapon.

2) He relaxed RoE allowing much quicker responses on the battlefield, taking politics out of the equation and letting the generals fight the war, greatly accelerating ISIS' defeat in Iraq and imminent defeat in Syria.

3) He's not in anyone's pocket.

4) the notion that his rhetoric wrt to NK is exacerbating the situation is absurd when you consider what that regime is.

Why he might be bad:

1) Like the previous President, no thoughts or concerns for national debt and fiscal responsibility, though he didn't lie about going 'line-by-line' in the budget like Obama did.

2) Abrasive, and can't cowboy your way through the Presidency, though Obama wasn't any better, probably worse.

No he's not perfect. A lot of drama, character issues, and unnecessary distractions, but far short of 'dangerous.'

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Letter to the editor: Trump is dangerous

That weapon can only penetrate a limited amount of earth, concrete, and reinforced steel. For example, the underground nuclear facilties used by Iran cannot be destroyed using conventional weapons. You'd need a LY nuke to get to them.

NK C2 and other facilities are too deep underground to be destroyed by a GBU-57, GBU-28, or other penetrator.

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Editorial: Deportation case exposes flaws

That was put into this editorial that the attorney said he never missed a check-in is factually incorrect, and knowingly so. Attorney is basically lying to get sympathy for the case. He missed check-ins, missed filing paperwork, and failed to comply with court orders. If he was following the rules as a legal resident or as a visa holder, he would not have been targeted for deportation.

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