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Opinion: GOP tackles nonexistent problem

You know, your premise isn't flawed, but whenever you address an issue, I just want to take the opposite stance because you just hate Republicans and Conservatives, which seems to be the only reason you come to work every day Mr. Pitts.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

You won't get much argument on drugs. There's legitimate reform needed, such as the elimination of direct marketing, and restrictions on lobbying. But at the same time, the costs incurred to get a drug to market can run in the billions. So if there's some reform for the drug companies, there needs to be internal FDA government reform as well.

You're making my same argument against the ACA but drawing the wrong conclusion. It's ironic that there was probably a large amount of 'help' from the insurance industry in writing up the ACA and now they are dropping out of the ACA exchanges faster than you can count because they're losing money.

The safety net cannot become a way of life, we can't afford it as a nation. There aren't enough tax dollars to implement full coverage for everyone, you're talking $3.5T - $4T alone, and that's what the federal budget is today. Why implement a full government takeover w/o giving real free market reforms like competition over state lines, expansion of HSAs, catastrophic plans, etc., a chance?

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

Actually it does, because of the need to reduce the Administrative burden. But I don't see how just putting in single payer means that tax dollars get spent more efficiently, there's no business case to prove that.

The use of pre-tax dollars eliminates a burden to take the money and redistribute it, regardless of where it goes. Plus it puts more power in the hands of the consumer.

You want a health care system that keeps to a minimum government involvement...there's no value there.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

You'll find that a wholesale takeover of nearly $4T of the US economy would lead to a stifling of innovation, rationing, and an overall reduction in the quality of care. there is no way this bureaucracy could take that on. The ACA has already added significant administrative burden to healthcare, and a furtherance of that would be a serious squandering of our resources and national treasure.

You can't solve a problem simply by throwing money at it as the ACA has done. We're not a small country like many European nations with singular or large proportionate ethnicities with populations more concentrated, and quite honestly healthier. Remember that the much-maligned profit motive is what drives innovation and technological advancement.

If your point about elective surgeries were true, the government would not have paid for Bradley Manning's sex change operation. All it takes is a doctor's note and poof, it's paid for.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

OK Greg, you've missed the point, and you're the one knee-jerking here, but that's fine.

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Opinion: NRA fights for ‘white to bear arms’

You are such a racist Mr. Pitts. Use your exact same logic to defend the BLM movements utter silence on the murder of police officers. I dare you.

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

Coverage for all....what does that really mean? if I want a boob job, does government have to pay for it? what about monthly acupuncture...who decides on that? Do you coverage for all advocates have any idea what that would actually cost? Or the damage it would cause to our health care industry?

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Opinion: Deep down we know: Health care is a right

Let's say for the sake of argument, that the author is right, HC is a human right, above food, clothing, and shelter and start at that point. Philosophically, what does that actually mean?

Anyone please chime in here.

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Letter to the editor: Troubling advertising

Jesus will destroy you all!!!!

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Emails: Trump Jr. embraced help said to be from Kremlin

As I'm sure you all know, finding dirt on your opponent is (sadly) a time-honored tradition that seems to be more the rule than the exception lately. There seems to be enough to prove naivety here, and some poor judgment on Trump Jr.'s part. The allure of getting something on HRC seems to have overridden any alarm bells that should have gone off when he should have asked himself why Russians were approaching him with information. But he got nothing, nothing came of it, and it was done.

Not a nothing-burger, not a smoking gun, probably not illegal, should be a hard lesson for him though.

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