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Fresh start: Jayhawks have high hopes for Big 12

The team fought and played hard on Saturday, I got a rare treat to see the game in person, no heads hanging down, always fighting until the end. They do have to get past the mistakes though...mental errors, failure to complete the catch, this team doesn't have margin for error. But they do believe in themselves. Beaty could be our next Glen Mason.

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KU clips KSU in Big 12 volleyball opener

Girls playing volleyball???? Sheesh.

Seriously, thanx for making this the headliner today...great job ladies!

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Mauled: Tigers handle Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium

Well, TG concerned me right after his first game in losing to an FCS school, kind of blowing it off, and that was a big red flag. CW also had his issues. Both good guys, just very bad matches for this school. KU's going to be the doormat again this season, possibly the next. But if you look at some of our issues on offense, Cozart missing some open guys that could have kept the offense on the field and the defense off could have helped keep the defense a little more fresh. That said, even tired legs shouldn't result in such a performance in the 2nd half.

The team needs the fans to stay positive, supportive, and most of all present during the game. I like the idea of just opening up the place to anyone w/a student ID with say 15 minutes to kickoff. You never know when KU will surprise you...we've had a few in the last few years against Georgia, WV, & Colorado. Just keep fighting KU, just keep fighting...I wear my KU football shirt proudly! Also because it's kind of comfy too.

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Kobach debates voter ID laws with KU law professor

Great, so we are all in agreement that there isn't any reason not to have a voter ID law, that we can put in place procedures or methods whereby an individual can prove who they are prior to casting a vote. That we don't advocate for poll taxes, that we don't want illegals voting, or dead people voting, or people voting twice. And it's great that we can all agree that voter fraud is different from so-called victimless crimes because voter fraud could have an effect outside of our own personal lives. And that we want to help protect the integrity of our electoral process to prevent fraudulent elections from occurring.

Great job everyone!

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Kobach debates voter ID laws with KU law professor

There hasn't been a single argument that holds water on this board about why we should not have a Voter ID law. It protects everyone. That said, you can't disenfranchise someone simply because they don't drive, or don't otherwise have some form of Govt ID. Has to be free & easy to get. It's too easy to pass yourself off as someone else, and may be impossible to discover.

You could try a system (it may lengthen voting times unless you have more poll workers) where those w/o a photo ID would be permitted to vote, but could present a utility bill as proof. Then you take a sampling of those folks who had no photo ID, and close the loop, and contact the individual after the election is done to confirm it was him or her that voted. That would provide hard evidence one way or the other regarding voter fraud.

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Who's the most famous person you've ever seen in Lawrence?

Dick Schaap at a St. Patty's Day Parade. George Winston in concert at Hoch Auditorium.

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Who's the most famous person you've ever seen in Lawrence?

Oh yes, "Kansas," with Kevin McCarthy. Heard it was one of the worst movies made in human history.

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Fast start: KU football vows to pick up pace

Monty, you played a good game, just really bad luck at the end, but everyone had a part to blame in the loss. Some late coaching adjustments, missed tackles, etc. Shake it off...shake it off....Cause the 'Hawks are gonna play, play, play, play, play, play, Jumpin' with Big Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay......

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David Beaty era opens with 41-38 loss to South Dakota St.

On the USA TODAY app on my phone, I was checking the news. Not the sports mind you, but the news. The KU loss was on the front page. That's gotta hurt.

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Union unveils the Jay, new event space in area formerly home to Jaybowl

I didn't know they took out the Jaybowl...that's too bad. I still have a bowling championship t-shirt from a few years ago, still fits pretty well! The place had character and ambience.

I understand if the Jaybowl was losing more & more money, had to make a business decision there. Got it. But the picture above looks stark, bland, unappealing. No life. Reminds me of of an officer's club that got closed down at one of my previous bases and a conference center built to take its place. Sure it's functional and clean, but it's lifeless.

So glad I got my 1.0 HPER credit in bowling when I was there!

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