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Opinion: U.S. politics takes surreal turn

Agree. It starts with leadership and integrity in the White House which is completely absent right now. You've got a complete & total phony who is deliberately & maliciously lying to the American public about her care of national secrets along w/a socialist who would destroy our free market system and continue to reward non-effort, and on the right, we've got a business man w/no experience spouting off some of the most ridiculous positions on immigration sprinkled with insulting & sometimes misogynistic comments, while the most qualified individuals to actually lead and govern are at the bottom of the pack.

Barack Obama has so polarized this country, he is destroying our social fabric and making it virtually impossible for someone competent to come in a bring us back together.

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Free State student says flying Confederate flag not meant to be racist; others weigh in as petitions to ban it circulate

You're making my point. If you want rules in the school environment, it can't be onesey twosey. You can make blanket rules...such as no pornography, but saying, "no offensive garb" leaves it way too open to interpretation. Offensive to who? Where do you draw the line? If someone wants to wear, "I love the KKK," they'd be ostracized by the entire student body. Or how about, "Planned Parenthood is Awesome!" Should those that are pro-life be allowed to single that out? Maybe the students should just get it out of their system, and have a, "Wear Something Offensive" day.

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Free State student says flying Confederate flag not meant to be racist; others weigh in as petitions to ban it circulate

If you look for racism hard enough, you'll find it, even if it's not there. if you talk about it incessantly and make it into a bigger problem than it really is, it will become a bigger problem. If you start blaming racism for every issue between blacks & whites, it becomes a red herring or a scapegoat for what the real underlying issue is. Sure, there is real racism in America, but this issue w/the flag is BS. Should we ban the British flag for subjugating the colonies? Should we ban the Iranian flag from people's cars because of Iran's ties to terrorism?

This is censorship, pure and simple, and I find it ironic that a high school with the name "Free State" would take this action. Subjective policies on speech are shameful.

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Kansas among several states looking to ban sanctuary cities

Guess what? There's always going to be a wealthiest 1%. This whole get-evenism is the most vacuous argument of liberal socialists. No matter what the current economic situation, there will always be 1% of the population wealthier than the other 99%, and by continuously calling them out, all you are saying is that you are jealous of their money and you want the Govt to take that money and give it to someone else just because.

You keep posting this on articles with no relation to your comments. Might as well be listing a recipe for New York Cheesecake. Tell me, do you have a minimum wage job, having trouble paying the mortgage? Upset that your neighbor has a nicer TV? Know what? I WANT to be the 1%. So I'm going to work to get there, and bring myself up the chain, instead of trying to wreck the ladder and bring everyone down.

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Kansas lawmakers consider more restrictions on welfare recipients

What is un-Christian is to allow the poor and underprivileged the option of living on the Govt dole for their entire lives and disincentivize them to get a job. That's cruelty. You've forced them into a cycle of dependency that they can't get out of. But more to the point for this effort is it sounds like they are trying to eliminate fraud and make sure the $$ are spent where they need to be, such as food, medicine, rent, etc.

As for corporate welfare, well, I want to see that severely pared back. I don't like the Govt picking winners & losers. it's wrong for a self-employed individual to pay 25 - 30% in taxes while GE gets away with paying nothing. Yeah I know, said business says they'll come in and open up a plant only if they get huge tax breaks. And because everyone does it, if one municipality takes a stand against corporate welfare, they don't get those jobs! Someone figure that one out for me.

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Free State High School student told Confederate flag not allowed at school

Your opinion offends me. So you should not be allowed to say such things. So you need to be censored.

Anyone Muslim at that school wearing a crescent? That offends me, terrorism. Should be removed. Anyone every say anything good about Al Sharpton? Suspend them, that's not good. Anyone wear a Che Gueverra shirt? That's wrong, they should be suspended. Wait, did you just wish me Merry Christmas? Expelled!

You don't get to be judge & jury to free speech. Subjective rules on free speech allow people like you to dictate what is and is not acceptable. Is that the message you want to tell our kids? Maybe the kid had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War, defending his home, and didn't care about slavery? Does the kid have to justify his exercise of his 1st Amendment rights now? I am TIRED of the population segment who believe the 1st Amendment means they have the right to not be offended by something and censure those people they disagree with. That is the road to fascism or at least totalitarianism. Don't think that's an exaggeration, that's what you are demonstrating.

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Report: Kansas residents buy groceries out of state due to food tax

Not a true statement, as SC, OH, & TX have all seen strong economic growth thanx to favorable and well-thought out tax policies. I don't live in KS anymore, though my parents do and I always consider it home. The tax cuts instituted sound like they were too much of a shock to the system, the KS economy couldn't absorb & react to it. As for driving across the border, considering gas & time, you aren't saving that much if you have to drive an extra thirty miles (total). That's what, maybe 1 gallon for an efficient car, almost two for non-efficient? That's about $5. You'd need a grocery bill over $200 to make up for time & money. It doesn't seem worth it to me. That said, 6.5% on food is too high, especially because it does hit lower income folks much harder.

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Changes on tap for longtime downtown bakery; Lawrence printing company announces new CEO

Great Harvest is an evil, evil place. It is full of YUMMY temptation. E-E-E-E-E-V-I-LL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-LLLLL!!!!!

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Oread group again contests city's demands, accuses city of violating state law

This is what happens when you start giving special tax incentives to businesses, targeted and specific. It's now gotten to the point that businesses blackmail local & state governments demanding tax kickbacks or they will up & move. Oread is a bit of a different animal, not like some manufacturing plant that will up & move due to Oread's historic presence there. But still, enough w/the backroom deals. Or frontroom deals, whatever you want to call it.

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Numbers game: WVU not awed by KU’s lofty ranking

Can't miss bunnies!

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