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Teachers union, district reach tentative agreement on pay raise for educators

I don't think that was Sam's intent when he posted. My frame of reference is colored by the fact that I've spent a lot of time living in CA, MD (near DC) and other more expensive areas.

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Full-fat dairy makes a comeback among the health conscious

Everything in moderation. Fat-soluble vitamins...need healthy fats for that. Plus, skim milk tastes like ass.

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Teachers union, district reach tentative agreement on pay raise for educators

Holy cow! That's all the starting salary of a teacher is?

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Analysis: Brownback's view of Kansas economy as a 'three-legged stool' no longer accurate

Pretty well written article, though it would have been more effective had the author actually stated in concrete terms what the tax revenues from those industries were when he took office and what they were last year. Then relate those figures to the tax cuts. You could probably get to a first order estimate w/in $50-$75M of the impact of economic slowdowns vice the actual tax cuts to get the two effects. Take into effect the unintentional exemption of farm income from state tax as a definitive part of the shortfall. Overall, you'd probably get to the truth of what the approximate revenue shortfall is due to overly aggressive tax cuts and lack of investment (if that's the case).

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Letter to the editor: Trump phenomenon

One of the problems of immigration is when you can't create enough jobs to handle them plus your own inherent population growth. Of course, a contra-view is that there are many jobs that Americans won't do or you don't see doing, except in the heartlands where the population is a lot less diverse. Things like picking the fields and cleaning hotel rooms. Not making a value judgment, but that's just a fact.

The other problem is when the country doesn't work to integrate them, like making them learn English, our history, and our values. It's great people want to come here. We just need to make sure it's not done illegally, and that inflows are properly planned.

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Dream job now a reality for Brian Hanni, the new voice of the Jayhawks

There's a particular high when you get a dream job that sets apart that kind of emotion than when you achieve other types of success. Looking forward to some exciting play-by-play...he's got big shoes to fill!

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins blasts Obama over Gitmo; still cautious on Trump

Honestly not sure if you are intentionally trying to flame to cause hate & discontent, or if that's what you believe, or if this is who you really are, but one thing is for certain. You are by far one of the most visceral and venal individuals I have ever seen on a discussion board. You are the picture boy of a hypocrite, denigrating conservatives with your hateful speech, yet somehow believing your righteousness in its employment.

I call on everyone to ignore this guy from now on. You are not worth the effort to talk to.

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No 'Dump Trump' movement for Kansas GOP

Brett, I am under no illusions about Trump's character or capacity to be President. But you are fooling yourself if you think Hillary is any better. She did lie about her e-mail, Benghazi, and had one of the worst records as a SoS in recent memory. Yemen in chaos, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (the organization that spawned Al Qaeda), Libya a new terrorist breeding ground, Russian aggression and seizing of territory which has led to China's expansion and militarization of the South China Sea and Spratleys, and I can go on from there.

Barack Obama has been one of the most inept, divisive, and petulant individuals who has ever occupied that office. Our country is so damaged, we cannot continue down this path. Neither Trump nor Clinton are worth two spits in a bucket. The only substantive difference between them I see is that Trump actually loves this country. Hillary is in love with the idea of being President.

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Letter to the editor: Sad Kansan

Typical left-wing international press coverage.

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No 'Dump Trump' movement for Kansas GOP

LJW, I would like to know when you will highlight the Kansas Democratic Parties desire not to have "Dump Clinton" movement due to her being under criminal investigation for multiple offenses regarding gross and criminal negligence regarding the handling of classified material.

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