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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

The stream just died

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Lawrence falconer Jack Stoddart preps for duck season

Wabbit season!

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Column: Jayhawks display veteran response in Maui opener

It's great we made so many threes, but at 10 minutes left in the 2nd half, I would have been much happier with trying a bunch of set plays, hi-lo, and no shots more than 2 feet from the basket, simply because of the problems we have been having missing layups.

I did like our aggressiveness on D, and the fact they didn't get a 2-pt shot until 9:53 left in the first half. Great to see Vick, Young & Manning score. Hunter was terrific.

Hope Brannen Greene is learning his lesson and that Diallo finally plays. Really getting sick of the NCAA.

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Profiles of the three candidates vying to be Lawrence's next city manager

Bremby sounds too political. City Manager needs to be a politically neutral position. Ms. Lee on the surface sounds like the best of the three candidates, but I don't vote in Lawrence, I just care about my second home town. I used to live in Lexington Park, MD, a very poorly planned community very disorganized in terms of zoning. No central district where people can gather.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

Who's going to pay the bill, you? And why take the chance on an added security risk when the right answer is not to ship those refugees here but find them a safe haven in the Middle East? The west cannot handle this massive influx of refugees, let alone Europe, and the whole net effect of this is to effectively depopulate Syria of all the good people, leaving the rest of the country full of warring bands turning that country into a failed state.

And I don't know what you mean about a fake name, can't even guess as to what that means.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

This has nothing to do with Christianity or religion. It has nothing to do with what's legal or not. It has everything to do with security...the FBI director has stated that if they don't have a record, there's no way to vet whether or not they are a threat.

You meet the buses or planes with these refugees at the state border with the National Guard and stop them coming in.

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Student-led Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk group issues diversity-related demands for KU; here's some more context

It doesn't give you carte blanche to act like an idiot. Shouting down and interrupting organized assemblies are becoming calling cards of the radical left, and that needs to STOP. I'm tired of trying to rationally discuss issues with people like this who are selfish, self-entitled pansies who demand everything else be done for them, and blame the system for every single problem real or imagined, and are incapable of standing on their own two feet without demanding this or demanding that. They sound like a bunch of Hollywood prissies who throw hissy-fits when there's one too many pumps in their mocha latte. And on MY campus! They can shut the hell up & color.

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KU town hall forum on race draws about 1,000 to Kansas Union

That's well put. We should be well past the hate & anger stage on this on both sides. MLK killed 'em with kindness. These new movements are bringing 'em back to life. And yes, there's real gen-u-swine racists out there who will never change. So the real answer to them is ignore and marginalize them. Might as well get Al Qaeda to convert to Catholicism.

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KU town hall forum on race draws about 1,000 to Kansas Union

Bob Smith is spot on. Once again, you've got a group that may have some legitimate concerns, but goes way off the deep end in trying to make their point, and instead of helping race relations, only hurts them. Black Lives Matter, this 1950 group at Mizzou, and now in MY school? GET OVER IT AND GROW UP. I'm Armenian, 1.5M of my people were slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks, how's that? You don't see me walking with that albatross around my neck.

This is NOT how you fix race relations in this country. This is how you EXACERBATE them.

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Arts and crafts store makes expansion into west Lawrence; talk of banning plastic bags in Lawrence grows

This notion of banning plastic bags is just utterly stupid. Why not ban straws? Solo cups? Plastic wrap? It's a ridiculous "feel-goodism" that serves no purpose. I use those bags a lot. AFter I buy my groceries, I take my lunch to work in them, then use them to carry my sweaty workout clothes home, then use them for trash bags. That's lots of reuse.

They're easy to use, and for all the reasons you all listed here, they should be kept.

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