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Kansas geologist says fracking not the cause of earthquakes

If that's true, why did they go on to say that they believe there is some connection to oil & gas production but are just not sure what it is? You don't know anymore about what is causing the increase in temblors than I do. To draw a conclusion based on what was presented in the article is completely impossible.

The same can be true of those who said we needed to drill baby drill when oil was $140/barrel. Now we know that wasn't the problem, nor was it ever.

If there is a man-made cause to this, then it should be studied and made known, but racing to conclusions based on events that have not proven to be connected doesn't help anyone.

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Kansas geologist says fracking not the cause of earthquakes

Remember that a correlation does not mean there is a cause & effect, that is a classic error made by people who want to draw conclusions from statistics. Continuing to study the problem would be a wise move to place more monitoring stations near wells, use underground radar, ultrasonics, etc. It may still prove exceedingly difficult to prove a direct causal relationship between a human activity and a natural one, however with enough empirical evidence you could draw a theory.

Could be that these multiple minor quakes are actually beneficial in terms of slowly releasing tectonic stresses that could otherwise release all at one in a damaging quake, like the New Madrid quake of 1811.

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Brownback calls to repeal school finance formula in State of the State address

I'd prefer local elections stay non-partisan. It forces people to do more research during elections.

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Conservatives hold significant power as 2015 session begins

I would agree, however, I never heard that logic from the left when Harry Reid was in charge of the Senate, and left hundreds of House passed bills hanging in the wind. Divided Government can be effective, but it starts with leadership. I don't live in KS anymore, but I always consider it home, so I don't see KS politics day to day. You can see what toxic leadership can do on the federal level. I'm willing to bet a lot of state Democrats lost because of dissatisfaction with their party at the national level.

Regardless, Republicans have a real chance to lead and make effective change.

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Kansas will have no women in statewide offices

There's one mistake in the article talking about Kansas' toxic political environment. I disagree completely. EVERY political environment in the country is toxic...nature of the beast, it just gets more noxious as you go higher.

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Conservatives hold significant power as 2015 session begins

I'm sure you liberals would say the exact same thing if Democrats held such a massive majority eh?

As a strong conservative, I have to send a word of caution to the State Legislature, don't just put ideology on paper and vote for it, it never works well on either side of the political spectrum. Don't confuse the path to get somewhere with the destination. And don't be handing out political favors as legislation either, that p***** everyone off. You can't just pass legislation in a vacuum such as a tax cut and expect it to have the right effect.

Our Governments, state & federal, have become a system of systems...legislation has consequences, positive and negative. Plan it out, figure it out from the start. Education, taxes, trade, infrastructure, it's all inter-connected. Success will set a firm example for the rest of the nation.

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Snow falls on Lawrence (Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014)

I can't wait to fly home next week!

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K-State shuts down KU's season with 51-13 romp

Give Clint a one year contract. The team still has major problems, but he brings a lot more energy than his two predecessors.

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Kansans listen closely to Obama's immigration speech

No, the President CANNOT divert funds that have not been allocated for that purpose. That violates Anti-Deficiency laws. There may be some discretion at lower levels to move money within certain lines of accounting. Beyond that, that needs to be ATR'd (Above Threshold Request).

And you think I want to see Mexicans come to his country, work these low-level service jobs for their entire lives because we don't force them to learn English, becase the immigration system is so backed up and dysfunctional, and not give them opportunity? So the President can just break the law because he feels like it? He's already been reined in by the Supreme Court several times. They need to do it again.

Regarding reverse racism, it's offensive to the people I work with to hear those kinds of words. Racism is racism, differences of opinion are a different matter. I don't give a rat's behind what the President's color is, nor anyone else's for that matter. Don't be making opinions of judgement just because you think I'm something I'm not.

The President has poisoned the atmosphere and made it toxic. Bill Clinton could work with Newt Gingrich, but Obama has shown no proclivity to work with Boehner honestly. If so, he would have pressured Harry Reid to call to a vote the over 300 bills passed by the House that he sat on.

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Arch rivals: KU-UK an All-American reunion

I want to see UK destroyed and humbled. I want their fans to cry. I want to bring shame and disgrace upon them for generations to come. I want them to be sorry they ever heard of basketball. I want them to be disowned by their families. I want to see them wander the Earth aimlessly for the rest of their lives.

I want to crush them beneath our boots, burn their remains and scatter their ashes to the nine corners of the known universe!!!!


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