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Opinion: Trump foreign policy still unclear

? We already know his plan for foreign policy, domestic policy, economics, etc. He has been exceptionally clear on the issue.

He's just 'gonna do it.' See? So simple.

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Two Lawrence teens to represent Kansas in choir at Democratic National Convention

Always a big deal for kids...hope they don't get jaded from the political process!

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein to campaign in Lawrence

It's funny that we are all hear arguing about which candidate is more or less 'evil' than the other. At least everyone here recognizes the two leading candidates are crap. My personal opinion is that Clinton is putrid crap, and that Trump is high quality enough to fertilze a field. I will take the blowhard who can't control his mouth over the one who has lied to the American people, Congress, & the FBI to hide her gross negligence on national security and has a proven record as the most miserable SoS in modern history.

My vote for Trump is a 100% vote against Clinton, just to be clear. As I'm sure some of your Clinton votes are 100% against Trump. At least we are not fooling ourselves about the quality of our candidates.

One anecdote, though. IN 1992, when I was a student there, I was part of KU Libertarians. Through our hard work, we got 14% of the vote in Lawrence to go Libertarian for the US Congress candidate, and several percent at least for President. Nationally, Andre Marrou (the Presidential candidate) got just under 1% of the vote. So you can make a difference locally.

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Poll: Trump has big lead over Clinton in Kansas; Brownback's approval rating worse than Nixon's

Likewise, how a lying, conniving, fake, power-hungry woman, who was a miserable Secretary of State by any standard could poll above zero. A woman who cares only for power and being President and no love for country vying for the highest office in the land.

To your point, they both suck. Most folks are going to be voting for the one they think sucks less, which is saying almost nothing. It's depressing.

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No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

You're completely off your rocker. Your Hitler reference is a vulgarity that has no place in a rational discussion. There isn't a person on this board who has called Trump a paragon of virtue yet you are trying to use that as a get out of jail free card for reckless behavior that endangered national security.

I swear, the percentage of people in this country who are actually capable of real intellectual reason is dropping precipitously because fewer people actually give a damn about integrity so long as the person they support is in power. I can make that distinction. Most of the liberals on this board can't.

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No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

Laws were violated, national security was put at risk. You don't deal in that realm so neither of you have any idea what that kind of damage does. She lied, then lied about lying, then changed her lies to other lies, and lied not only about what she did, but maliciously misled the American public about how classified information is handled.

You think this is some joke? Mishandling of classified information can cause grave damage to our national security, our diplomacy, and puts the lives of agents in the field at serious risk. Gross negligence is a chargeable offense, without any respect to whether or not damage was caused. You want a woman that untrustworthy in the WH? Someone who lied to your face to cover up her own behavior? If I had done 1/10 of what she had done I'd be in jail! I've seen it happen at my level.

But you don't care, because you're too partisan, and partisanship in your minds is more important than right and wrong.

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No charges recommended in Clinton email probe, FBI says

Fred, did you actually just post that with a straight face? No one would ever post anything like that about classified information. I've never in my 24 years ever seen classified information that should have been unclassified.

I think this is a gag post to get someone's goat. Anyone who ever had access to classified information would never say anything like that. Good one.

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Lawrence City Commission advances two requests for tax incentives

For residential projects, I think tax abatements are a bad idea. If the market needs housing, housing will be built, abatement or not. By giving the abatement for residential property that isn't critical, the city loses tax revenue and homeowners, at least nearby ones may see a slight drop in their property value due to the new housing being built.

There's just too much of this going on around the country as a whole.

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Lawrence City Commission to choose between advancing or halting two requests for tax breaks

Gotta look at the overall big picture on tax abatements. Have to answer two basic questions and it needs to be calculated and measured:

1) Will the city receive more revenue as a result of increase jobs and economic activity offsetting the reduction in property tax collections for the stated period?

2) Would development occur regardless of the abatement at some near-time in the future?

Look, I'm all for lower taxes and easing restrictions and constraints on business & economic development, but in fairness to the other side, you have to make an honest appraisal as to whether the tax break is really economically necessary or just crony capitalism. I think that argument is harder to make for a residential project instead of some manufacturing business looking at several different locations for a plant.

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Would you consider voting for a third-party presidential candidate?

I want to see GJ in the debates. He needs to be in the debates this year. Hell, throw in the Greens too.

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