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Opinion: Scalia's legacy shines in new collection

Wow, Mona, you just SMASHED it out of the park: "So many of us today are marinating in the pleasures of hatred."

There's a lot of people out there, thanx to social media who just like to hate and be angry, and would rather be visceral and hateful than admit they are wrong. I know many. Losing Scalia was a terrible loss for our country and SCOTUS.

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Tom Keegan: TCU brings out best in Kansas football

Not this time. It's going to be an abject slaughter. Don't mean to be a negative ninny, but KU is going to get thrown out of the stadium this weekend. TCU will clear the bench and KU will still be outmatched.

I'll listen to the game while I'm on the road and hope beyond hope here, but I predict we'll lose by 50 points or more.

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4th teen announces plans to run for governor in Kansas

Seriously, this is a waste of everyone's time, there should definitely be a minimum age.

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Opinion: Trump’s geopolitical straddle in Iran

The US had almost all the leverage with the $100B or so in frozen assets and other funds that we were preventing from coming into Iran as enticement to get what we needed on the deal. Trump says a lot of things, but on this he's right, I can't imagine what the hell was going through Obama's mind when he agreed to this utter pile of crap, giving the world's leading sponsor of terrorism this much money, a lot of which will go to Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, etc., only allow inspections at 'declared' sites, and bargain away every advantage we had. Now we are totally effed. Because we have no leverage anymore...what's the use of pulling out of the agreement? Only the threat of more sanctions, but it's too late for that, they don't care anymore. They're building weapons, or will continue to do so in nine years when this agreement expires, and you'll have the Islamic religious council of Iran in possession of atomic bombs.

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Sessions undercuts LGBT protections with religious-freedom order

As far as businesses are concerned, much as I am for protecting religious freedoms, I do believe if a business is for-profit and operating in the marketplace, they should comply with federal anti-discrimination laws. Do i think a small business should be fined $200K for not baking a cake for a gay couple? No, but I think more appropriate punishment might be to tell them they may lose their license to do business, or other type of sanction.

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Sessions undercuts LGBT protections with religious-freedom order

By that definition, liberal claims that religion offends them are equally as fraudulent. So it seems your hate is shining through here, ergo, hate has no place in society or this discussion.

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Lawrence City Commission approves tax breaks for 5-story downtown condo project

Even if the the gentrification was warranted, even if there's a need for affluent housing, it is very contradictory to give the developer a tax break. To what end does the city see an ROI on that 'investment'? If it were commercial property and businesses were coming in paying sales and income taxes, hiring people, then maybe...maybe.

This is not free market capitalism.

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Letter to the editor: Peanuts mistake

Turn it over to Michael Bay, I'm sure he'll stay true to the ethos.

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Opinion: Blacks forgetting our place again?

The real crime here is that LP is still getting paid to write.

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Bar owner makes doormat out of Kaepernick, Lynch jerseys

Protesting the anthem and our country is legal, and protected speech. It's also unacceptable, unprofessional and says more about the individual than it does about anything else.

Stomping on the jerseys as you walk into a bar is not a helpful way to get that point across.

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