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Union unveils the Jay, new event space in area formerly home to Jaybowl

I didn't know they took out the Jaybowl...that's too bad. I still have a bowling championship t-shirt from a few years ago, still fits pretty well! The place had character and ambience.

I understand if the Jaybowl was losing more & more money, had to make a business decision there. Got it. But the picture above looks stark, bland, unappealing. No life. Reminds me of of an officer's club that got closed down at one of my previous bases and a conference center built to take its place. Sure it's functional and clean, but it's lifeless.

So glad I got my 1.0 HPER credit in bowling when I was there!

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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

Trump's support will stay where it is, because as other GOP contenders drop out, their supporters will consolidate around others in the GOP field. Trump is a fantastic businessman, but would make a terrible President, as would most of the folks running on both sides right now.

Barack Obama has so polarized this nation that you have guys like Sanders & Cruz running, who are on far on the edges of the political spectrum, and also resonating with voters. Before you decide who's views you like the best, you have to ask who has the right skillset to be President, then pick from that pool.

From that perspective, Hillary Clinton would be an awful President, ruinous, as Obama has been in so many ways. She is a complete phony and dishonest. Sanders would be a better choice, though his ideas would destroy our free market system. O'Malley was a terrible governor (I lived in Maryland), but at LEAST he has executive experience.

On the Republican side, I only see Christie, Bush, Huckabee, and Walker as those who really have the skillset to be a good President. We have seen in the last 6 1/2 years you cannot run a country on ideology. Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, all good people, but no way they would be able to fill the chair under any circumstances.

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to speak at Lied Center

Read his book that he published about 4-5 years ago, it was a lot of fun to read. You can just hear his effluence coming right out of the pages. I especially liked the part where he talked about how he tried to get a phone number with all the same digits and how that turned out for him.

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‘Unprecedented’: KU volleyball aims for fourth NCAAs

If they don't go unbeaten and win the national championship then they are a bunch of losers!!!!!

JUST KIDDING!! Go for it ladies...behind you all the way!

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Actually you are right. It is a bad example, as the entirety of the country was still recovering from the Great Recession in 2011. Maybe you forgot that millions of jobs were lost from 2008-2010? What was Pawlenty's record between 2003-2008? There's your true measure.

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Letter: Higher wage lessons

Some of your points are valid. Having been to many parts of the world where minimum wage is equivalent to $10 or $15/day, that's obviously way too far on the wrong end of the spectrum. But paying someone $15/hr when they were only getting $7 or $8 may actually be de-motivating. The minimum wage is a floor for the cost of labor. Such a huge jump is a major shock to small businesses. I can tell you that some will not be able to absorb it if they don't have price elasticity. My wife would have had to close her doors with that kind of an increase.

Untrained workers will suffer the most, as hiring will slow. I would demand higher productivity from fewer employees, meaning fewer minimum-wage jobs would be available, hurting those who need those jobs the most.

The effect is the same as if taxes were raised on small businesses. The inflationary effect carries through; a $5 increase in your wage does not mean a $5 increase in your buying power.

Finally, increasing the minimum wage so much when the labor participation rate is so low is very counter-productive. If there were little slack there, or the economy were growing very strongly, then by all means let's raise the minimum wage. That is not the case. It's basic micro-economics.

We 'doom and gloomers' are right a lot of the time about the unintended consequences of economic decision based on feel-good politics. The minimum wage should be increased nationally, but slowly and incrementally.

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Report: More Kansas children in poverty from 2008 to 2013

The welfare state is hurting families and kids, and Obama's rolling back of the Welfare to Work reforms of the 90's, and the expansion of food stamps have been brilliant strokes of stupidity. It does not absolve the right either, when they have a chance to properly reform taxes. Based on what I've seen, seems like Brownback has not made the best moves unlike Kasich and Haley in their respective states.

Also remember the measure of poverty really is an arbitrary line, what is it, anyone living at or below 20% of the median income, or average income? It's a silly statistic.

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KU students headed to trial over records related to business teacher with Koch ties

One school in the University of California System would probably outweigh in liberalism what every school in the State of Kansas is for Conservatism. No hard evidence to support that, but having lived here for several years it's probably a safe assumption.

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Column: Russell Robinson recalls guarding Stephen Curry

The end of that game was the best defensive sequence that I can ever remember KU playing in 25 years. We lived in Curry's shorts in those last 18 seconds, the switch was executed brilliantly totally taking SC by surprise until we forced him into a mistake by holding the ball turned away from the basket. My heart must have been maxed out during that possession until Richards missed and I ran out to the backyard and let out a 10 second primal scream.

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Missouri fans celebrate Kirsten Mack’s grand slam as Kansas University’s Shannon McGinley watches it

GRRRRR, Hulk not like Missouri! ....nice season ladies, you've made us proud!

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