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Snow falls on Lawrence (Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014)

I can't wait to fly home next week!

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K-State shuts down KU's season with 51-13 romp

Give Clint a one year contract. The team still has major problems, but he brings a lot more energy than his two predecessors.

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Kansans listen closely to Obama's immigration speech

No, the President CANNOT divert funds that have not been allocated for that purpose. That violates Anti-Deficiency laws. There may be some discretion at lower levels to move money within certain lines of accounting. Beyond that, that needs to be ATR'd (Above Threshold Request).

And you think I want to see Mexicans come to his country, work these low-level service jobs for their entire lives because we don't force them to learn English, becase the immigration system is so backed up and dysfunctional, and not give them opportunity? So the President can just break the law because he feels like it? He's already been reined in by the Supreme Court several times. They need to do it again.

Regarding reverse racism, it's offensive to the people I work with to hear those kinds of words. Racism is racism, differences of opinion are a different matter. I don't give a rat's behind what the President's color is, nor anyone else's for that matter. Don't be making opinions of judgement just because you think I'm something I'm not.

The President has poisoned the atmosphere and made it toxic. Bill Clinton could work with Newt Gingrich, but Obama has shown no proclivity to work with Boehner honestly. If so, he would have pressured Harry Reid to call to a vote the over 300 bills passed by the House that he sat on.

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Arch rivals: KU-UK an All-American reunion

I want to see UK destroyed and humbled. I want their fans to cry. I want to bring shame and disgrace upon them for generations to come. I want them to be sorry they ever heard of basketball. I want them to be disowned by their families. I want to see them wander the Earth aimlessly for the rest of their lives.

I want to crush them beneath our boots, burn their remains and scatter their ashes to the nine corners of the known universe!!!!


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Jayhawks set to open against UC Santa Barbara

I didn't know Conner had left the team.

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Bathing in Victory: Jayhawks grab first win under interim head coach Clint Bowen

Considering the gargantuan amounts of money we have squandered on a new head coach, I say let him stay. I would have said that three weeks ago as well.

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Kansas asks appeals court to stay marriage ruling

It's not nonsense. It's over 5,000 years of human civilization that you are trying to turn on its head. No one is denying anyone equal rights. Marriage is defined between a man and a woman. That is the nature of us as a species. There are those of us trying to hold a line on the foundation of society from those who would change it all. And you are wrong, this will lead to polygamy, group marriages, etc. A standard has been set because it is who we are as a society. I have a right to choose how marriage is defined, and it was voted on and traditional marriage won, and finally we have a court that has determined that states actually do have rights do define marriage the way the way they want. You gonna allow old men to marry little girls? Brothers to marry sisters? The standard of marriage between one man and one woman doesn't care about the individual's sexual preference, therefore by definition it is non discriminatory.

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Kansas appeals to U.S. Supreme Court with gay marriage ban set to lift

Where is the descrimination in the statement that marriage is defined between one man and one woman? I'm not in favor of reversing 5000+ years of human history that shows civilization in its most stable form with marriage between a man and a woman. Otherwise, you open the door to polygamy and group marriages.

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Brownback's career spans more than 20 years in Kansas politics

I suppose Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi getting re-elected in your opinions were wise and prescient acts of the electorate.

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Charlie Weis out as Kansas University football coach

I don't like this...does this mean we have to buy him out...$6M or so? What could that money have done for the program. I don't even want to waste the time commenting on this.

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