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Playing it 'safe': Embiid chooses NBA’s millions

The argument about getting hurt, really, when you think about it is not a valid one. You can get hurt anytime anywhere. He could go to the NBA and get hurt. And yes, by going pro now you are guaranteed to make 8 figures over the next 3 years. But what about the three years after that if you don't pan out because your skills aren't good enough yet? Serously, how many guys have career ending injuries in college? Maybe 0.05%?

I wish you luck Joel, and truly hope you prove wrong us folks who think you should have stayed.

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Joel Embiid to announce future plans at news conference today

Appreciate all of your hard work Joel, if you go to the NBA, best of luck to you.

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Done deal: Wiggins expected to declare for NBA today

Well, good luck Andrew. Hit the weight room, and get an attitude as you will need it in the NBA. You've got some great skills, and thanx for all your hard work here at KU. Please also get smart about managing money. You're going to get more than you can smart, play smart, live smart.

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House rejects measure to repeal state renewable energy standards

There's big money in every corporate subsidy that gets passed. Republican / Democrat doesn't matter.

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One not done: Wayne Selden to return for sophomore season at Kansas

I can't believe we were actually having this conversation about Selden.

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‘What if ... ’: Jayhawks ponder what could have been

Embiid would have made no difference on Friday against EK. Against, Stanford, we win hands down with him...we would have cashed in at least 5-6 more shots under the basket that we missed. The game would not have decided by about 10 points.

However comma ISU beat UNC w/o Niang, so teams can overcome adversity. They managed to pull it together sufficiently enough to make the difference.

It's hard to say this team underachieved this year. But I'm really concerned about AW. Sure, average his numbers he looks great, but look at him at home, on neutral courts, true away games, and post season...he's not ready for the NBA. He's going to get eaten alive. He needs another year to develop like Pierce did.

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KU law students create organization to provide clothing, blankets to Bangladesh poor

Minimum wage is $15 in the Philippines, $10 in Vietnam...per day.

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No doubt: Andrew Wiggins explodes for 30 points in OT win over Oklahoma State

With 'Nova losing to Seton Hall, a victory against ISU may nudge us back up to the 1 spot. A Big XII title definitely should. This would be great, meaning we wouldn't have to play WSU until at least the F4. I just don't want us knocking each other out in the regionals.

I don't think Joe Lunardi has updated his bracketology yet. WSU, AZ, FL are all locks for #1.

I'm in San Diego. I may just buy a ticket to see KSU beat AZ in the 2nd round...that would be neat.

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Joel Embiid ruled out for Big 12 Tournament

I think the stock for both of those guys would go up hugely if they both came back for another year. Sure, a little selfish, but true I think.

Question is whether the team will rally around his absence or not. I really don't know, when not at home, they seem to be a little bit lost w/o him. With weakness at PG and Black getting into too much foul trouble, each game, including the first round will be a real fight. Now with 350+ teams in Div I, and the level of competition growing every year, there are definitly and truly no gimmes out there.

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Obama budget has $300M for Kansas NBAF project

Any researcher would need to have the appropriate clearances and background checks to work there much like any job requiring some level of security clearance. There is always a risk when you do that as has been seen with Snowden, Manning, and other traitors. As for physical security, you really do need to plan for a worst case. We do it for nuclear reactors, and I'm sure the CDC is hardened as well. It's likelihood vs. consequence that has to be weighed.

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