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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

You know, no one ever changes anyone's mind on these boards. We just make our posts, some people throw insults or pedantic comments, some just post things intentionally to cause hate & discontent, and we all leave more upset than when we came in. We could post hard evidence conveyed by the Archangel Gabriel and it would still get argued. Some just don't want to admit they are wrong.

One thing we know for certain, this country is going to be very poorly served in the next four years. One can only hope and pray that either one will get removed from office or be gone so that their respective VP can take charge. I have no illusions about Libertarians winning the WH, but I can at least say that I didn't contribute to the mess.

I think I'm just going to go away for awhile. I don't see how this is a useful exercise. Most of you will be happy not to have to argue with me. So I can take solace I brought some joy to your world. Go 'Hawks.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

Dorothy, I'm getting tired of your pedantic comments. I haven't lobbed a single insult so stop pretending that I did to make yourself feel better.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

By your logic, if Hitler were running against Stalin with Jesus Christ polling at 6%, you would vote for one of the first two. You're taking a relativistic approach to ethics when in fact you are ignoring the base minimum requirements of character and integrity.

You sound just like someone who uses the same logic to support Trump. That's why he won the Republican primary, because of logic like that.

You see, I may not quite use as strong terminology to characterize Trump, but at what point have I argued in the positive for his competency for President? Yet you ignore all of Clinton's corruption, dishonesty, disregard for national security, her phony attitude, and sole focus on the office of the Presidency for the power it conveys plus her place in the history books w/o any semblance of patriotism or service to country.

You can't argue I'm wrong w/o making the same argument against yourself. It's the same plateau, but you don't care. You just don't care and will fool, cajole, kid, and justify any way possible you can think of to vote for Clinton.

If more people thought like I did, Johnson, and possibly even Stein would be polling a lot higher, but you and tens of millions of others have fatalistically decided prematurely to pick one of the two worst candidates fielded by either party since before WWII. it's just that simple.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

You know Dorothy, I actually have done all that, in intricate detail in the past. The donor who got on the NSC, the lies about the number of devices, SAP information on her e-mail, donations to the Foundation followed by meetings with individuals who were not heads of state.

Everything you and Barb post is circular. I have laid out issues on BOTH candidate repeatedly, yet you STILL seem to insist that I'm being partisan when I said very clearly I'm voting Libertarian, and you seem to think because you disagree w/Libertarians on POLICY, that somehow equates to ETHICS on my side.

I cited specific laws she broke w/regard to classified information along w/regulations on records keeping. I have cited specific falsehoods and provided evidence thereof.

Quite frankly Dorothy, I'm tired of the hypocrisy of you and Barb continue to post. Let me ask you, have you ever dealt with classified information? Do you know the first thing about how it needs to be handled?

How many Republicans have come out to say they would not support Trump and stand on principle against their party nomination vs. how many Democrats have done the same for Clinton? It's hundreds vs. zero, which goes to show that Republicans are doing a better job of objectivity than you are.

I'm sure you & Barb are nice people. But I'm tired of pointing out the flaws in your argument because you don't care about ethics so long as the ideology fits your desire.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

Paul, post something intelligent and I will post a response to the substance of the post.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

You're just making my point every time you post Barb. You just don't care. A two-time Governor with no ethics or honesty problems and his VP the exact same. You just said it plain and simple, you went straight to policy. You mention nothing about ethics, morality, honesty, integrity, etc.

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Opinion: Trump unfit … so what are we?

For all you liberals, these posts are a sad statement on your ethics. We know Trump is not fit to be President, but neither is Clinton. Yet you deliberately ignore her failings, dishonesty, and corruption because you share the same ideology.

Any single one of you that supports Hillary doesn't have a place to accuse the same of Trump supporters. Here you are bashing them and Trump, while not focusing any ire on a woman who broke so many rules as SoS. You just don't care. So you have no moral high ground to slam Trump or his supporters. It's endemic of the slow atrophy of the level of intelligence of the American electorate, and either you can't see it, or refuse to with indignation.

I'm voting Libertarian for the first time in a long time, because even a vote against one candidate is in essence a vote for the other. I can stand up on my two feet and say that I will not vote for either. But none of the rest of you will. It's hypocritical, plain and simple.

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

Dorothy doesn't know how to put a coherent argument together. That's not intended to be a nasty comment, but it's readily apparent from reading her posts.

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

Then she just called herself out. She is required to have the training to process classified material. If State can't produce those records (they are not hard to find), then she didn't have the training, and should not have had access.

It just feeds the narrative of her dishonesty and untrustworthiness. Truthfully, I believe she is lying and knows whether she did or did not have the training. Speaking as one who has had that training, you wouldn't forget that.

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Editorial: Tempting goal

I really hope we haven't fallen so far as to pull down the posts if we beat an FCS school.

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