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Heard on the Hill: Students say they may ignore chancellor's decision to hold class if KU wins title; Allen Fieldhouse to host Final Four party; Alumni Association releases team hotel, party sites

I was a student at KU in 2008 when we won the title and was celebrating on Mass St. No official decision was announced to cancel class until Tuesday morning so I had to cut short my celebrating. I did this because I was a lab TA with a 7:00AM Tuesday morning lab section and was not looking forward to teaching that morning, I woke up early, checked the KU homepage, saw classes had been cancelled and went back to bed for a few more hours.

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4 killed in Jefferson County plane crash

I spent a month in Scott City a little over a year ago as part of an experiential rotation for school. Although I do not personally know the parties involved, I know how tight knit the community of Scott City was and cannot begin to imagine the impact this news has had on them. My thoughts and prayers go out to those involved, their loved ones and the entire community of Scott City.

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KU's swine flu cases reach 47

YesItsMe (Anonymous) says…

Why are we reporting 47 cases of swine flu when these people have not been tested for it yet?
There is a quick test that can be done in the office to determine if a patient has influenza of any variety (Swine or seasonal), with results available in ~15 minutes.

My understanding of what is going on is that the Student Health Center (and other clinics for that matter) is running this test and if it comes back positive, they are reporting it as swine flu (H1N1). Because of the time of year, it is a fairly safe assumption that someone testing positive for influenza will have H1N1 and the test to actually confirm it must be done at a state lab or CDC lab and is expensive.

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Hello, goodbyes

As a fellow 4th year KU student (can't say senior becasue I'm in a 6 year program), I have had the opportunity to watch these guys from the beginning. There were times where I was frustrated with their play but overall, I don't think there could be a better overall class of guys. Sure there are individual talents out there that may be better, but as a team (which is what the game is about) they have had amazing successes, both on and off the court. I am sad to see them leave, but know they will all be successful in whatever they choose to do. I'll be sure to be at the game tonight, giving all 5 of them a standing ovation, along with the other 16,299 fans that will be in attendance.

Congrats seniors, thank you, and best of luck!

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