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West Lawrence pizza location closes, and an update on other comings and goings in the world of Lawrence pizza

Amazingly enough, we do. No movie channels or streaming at our house, and theater movies are expensive. Family Video has Blu Ray and runs specials all the time. Nice alternative, even though we only tend to rent a lot when the kids are on break. When they send me a "we miss you" email, I get a free rental and two weeks of half-price. Kind of a throwback to the good old days I guess.

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West Lawrence pizza location closes, and an update on other comings and goings in the world of Lawrence pizza

Marco's is pretty tasty as chain pizza goes. There is one co-located with Family Video in Topeka. If you live in their delivery area, they will take your movie rentals back to the store or if you order online, bring them with your pizza.

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Just Food board alleges Farmer overpaid himself by more than $52,000; criminal charges being pursued

If the problem with the tax return was identified by United Way, Just Food was already in violation of their reporting requirements and more than likely ineligible for continued money from United Way.

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Not a perfect game: Jaybowl's 62-year run ends Saturday

When I started as a freshman at KU in the fall of 1985, I had no idea that KU had a bowling team. A friend and I heard about it when we went to throw a game, and after a 24-game tryout weekend, we both had spots on the team. So what if it was a club sport where we had to buy all our own equipment and uniforms! Practicing at the Jaybowl under the tutelage of Mike Fine was an amazing addition to my college experience at KU. I got to travel with the team to St. Louis and to Las Vegas for tournaments and am still in touch with some of my teammates on Facebook. So sorry to see the Jaybowl disappear from KU, but, if it had declined as much as my skills have in the past 30 years, it was probably time.

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Common Core wrongly tied to data project

Those who think that the curriculum isn't already stifling creativity have never watched students study the same set of indicators for weeks on end so they can correctly choose A, B, C, or D, rather than explain how to apply a concept to a problem. There are always exceptions, and some schools don't over-focus on taking and passing a multiple-choice test (notice I didn't say excelling, because you can meet standards with as low as a 63 percent-- see the cut scores: http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabi...). But in some schools, new learning in math seems to stop when the second semester begins, and math time is spent drilling for assessments rather than advancing the curriculum.

The system is broken. Common Core may not be the best or the only answer, but it is research-based and data-driven. Educators developed it, not politicians. Educate yourself. Get involved with your local school and see how Common Core will change the way they teach our children. THEN come and criticize if you think it is warranted.

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Lawrence schools preparing for next digital revolution

While I only have experience with Open Office as a free solution to Word/Publisher/Excel/etc., I have to say that it has been very glitchy and uncooperative on our network at school. We have used it for three years now and are in the process of switching back to MS Office products. We teach MS products because those are currently what employers want new employees to know. It is a nightmare to have them create a document in Word in the business class labs and then be unable to edit in the same format elsewhere in the school. This is NOT the best place to save money. Maybe someday it will be different.

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Grocery stores compete for customer loyalty with gas discounts

I don't know how it is in Lawrence, but there is a table in the foyer of the Topeka HyVee with all the point specials on it. They also have point specials on some of their hot deli food that are posted on the food cases. I shop both places for different times and different reasons, but I am really glad that HyVee now has a program that works at the pump instead of having to go inside. And living in a town with a Casey's and being able to use my HyVee points there is a huge bonus.

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Family trying to find dog that bit woman

Apparently not the painful ordeal it used to be, but who pays for it?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ann-medlock/what-you-know-about-rabie_b_103700.html

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Kansas schools face monumental changes in coming year

While teachers are in large part responsible for student success, there is only so much poverty, neglect, and poor parenting that a teacher can counteract. If we plan to make the teachers' jobs dependent on student success, then families need to be accountable for student failure as well.

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Some schools may keep Western Civ requirement

Mixed feelings. I hated my first semester of WC, but that was due in large part to the pompous TA who taught the discussion group. As a freshman eligible for the honors program (in which I decided not to partake), I was kind of railroaded into WC at orientation. The class would have meant more with a couple of years of literature and history classes under my belt. As a first-year, I struggled with the reading amounts and content (despite taking an AP-level humanities class my senior year of high school). Keep the requirement, but leave it in the junior/senior or graduate level programs.

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