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Gill names Webb starting QB for Saturday

I have zero faith in Gill at this point.

How can he say we're going to keep throwing to Biere who had a disasterous game, then not show the same patience with a new QB. Either 1) Gill and Long picked the wrong guy to start, which leads to questions about their ability to evaluate players, or 2) saying Pick was the QB and that he wasn't going to have a quick trigger was a lie. Either way Gill loses.

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Cliff's Notes: Turner Gill press conference, 9/7/10

The difference is that Toben would run through the line. There's a reason that in 5 years Quigley couldn't get on the field as a running back. For someone his size, he seems to refuse to just put his head down and run. He shy's away from contact whereas Toben doesn't.

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KU still can win four, but only if …

For $2 million a year you better beat an FCS school. That was an embarrassment.

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

Boy I'm glad we moved our best running back to linebacker. There's a reason Quigly hasn't played in 5 years as a running back. They needed a big physical running back and that's exactly what Opurum is.

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Slipping away :

Thank you defense for killing any chance of a Big XII North title, a halfway-decent bowl game, and any and all momentum gained from last year.

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The $6,400 question: Should KU Athletics be reimbursed?

Also, KU probably didn't schedule a parade because they had the welcome home celebration at Memorial Stadium that people could attend. That was their celebration. The parade was wanted by the city. Tacky to ask for the 6,400? Yes. But moreso because of the small amount rather than the principle. The city wanted the parade and KU gave it to them and had to cancel their plans because of it. They got stuck with the bill so they asked the people responsible, the city to help cover it.

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The $6,400 question: Should KU Athletics be reimbursed?

Are people seriously still griping about the KU-MU game moving to arrowhead? Wow, get over it. KU is a business just like all those places downtown. They did what's best for the athletic department, just like any of those businesses downtown would do.

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Woodling: Reasons for bid scarce

Maybe it was the fact that Missouri has already demonstrated that they are not an elite team where KU hasn't. KU lost their one game to Missouri, but it was close and losing once doesn't necessarily mean that other team is better. (Anyone think Stanford is better than USC?) Missouri fans want to say their elite because they beat Kansas and Illinois, but at the same time completely discredit Kansas and say they are only ranked so high becuase of their weak schedule. Sounds like they want their cake and eat it too. As for Illinois, everyone said the Big 10 was down this year and Missouri needed a 100 yrd fumble return and an interception in the endzone to win. Not very convincing arguement.

So maybe its just that Missouri has already proven their not an elite team when they got beat by 3 TDs against OU, and now the Orange bowl is giving Kansas a shot to see if they're for real.

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Keegan: Arrowhead aside, MU simply better

The announcing was a bit biased as it seemed to lean towards "Missouri dominated" rather than what was more true... KU didn't capitalize on their opportunities. Two missed FGs and two interceptions deep in Missouri territory. That's 4 possessions where they could have very easily put points on the board. Missouri's defense really didn't shut KU down after the first possession or two. The game was closer than everyone is making it seem.

Either way what a great year for the team and here's to kicking some butt in the bowl game.

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Boycott of KU-MU game urged

I love the hypocrisy. A business owner who doesn't want to lose money and hurt their business financially demands that the game still in Lawrence, which would hurt the Athletic Department financially. Considering the entire athletic department is financed by men's basketball and football, how can you blame them for trying to make as much as they can. Unless the other sports, normally known as "non revenue sports", start making money, you have to make as much as you can off of football and basketball. Or else you end up cutting programs, like what happened to the men's tennis and swimming teams years ago. How's this for a moral arguement, by protesting the football game in KC, you are potentially costing future students the opportunity to attend KU.

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