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Notebook: KU seniors honored; Jayhawks wear alternate uniforms

I absolutely LOVED the helmets. But the black uniforms should never be seen again. Black is not one of KU's colors. I realize it's personal preference, but I can't stand schools that where black for the sake of wearing black.

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GOP must make case against Obamacare

Show me where in the original constitution it says women have the right to vote. African americans have the right to vote. None of these were in the original constitution. Society has changed drastically since the founding fathers drafted it. To accept the document as it is strictly written is foolish and shortsighted. When medicine during the time the constiution was written involves bleeding and leaches, why would the drafters of the Constitution think of health care.

Or a simpler alternative. Tell me where it says the government can't require it's citizens to purchase something for the betterment of everyone. Is the only arguement you could use that the power belongs to the states to mandate insurance (like state mandated auto insurance)?

If the health exchange (which includes subsidies for those who cannot afford care) is a national program and crosses state lines, then yes the federal government has juristiction over it.

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GOP must make case against Obamacare

So if we can't trust the insurance companies, then we need a single payer system. Which would be true government run health care. (PPACA is NOT government run healthcare, despite what people say)

Let's talk about the healthcare cycle. An uninsured person does not go to the doctor when sick until it becomes so bad that they go to the ER knowing they cannot be denied care. They can't pay so the hospital has to make up that cost elsewhere. So they charge more for all their services. Which means cost goes up. Cost going up means that the expected cost associated with medical claims goes up. Which means that premiums go up. Thus cost to employers and people go up, which leads to more people dropping coverage. That means more uninsured, so when they get sick go to the ER....

You break the cycle by educating people and having people use more cost efficient methods of getting care- like going to a personal physician or walk-in center. Most people won't do this if they don't have insurance. So again, either educate people (not working) or require people to have insurance i.e the individual mandate.

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Charlie Weis to be announced as next KU football coach

He went to 2 BCS games with Tyrone Willingham's players. And got blown out in the BCS game each year. After that he was very mediocre and had a losing record his last 3 years.

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Charlie Weis to be announced as next KU football coach

I agree, disappointing hire. There is a huge difference between a professional and college coach. This decision was made about boosting relevancy (i.e. money) in the short term but does little to ensure long term success.

I won't say it's a bad hire until I see who he brings in as a D-coordinator. His defenses and ND were attrocious.

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Hurry-up offense wears KU out

Interesting, a coaching staff that makes second half adjusments. Must be nice.

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Webb proves toughness in face of adversity

I'll agree that Southern Miss is good, but they lost to South Carolina

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Matt Tait’s KU football notebook

"Trailing 31-16 with just over two minutes to play, Gill elected to punt from his own end zone instead of attempting to gain a first down and keep the game alive." This says he quit. Nice attitude to have as the head coach. Who cares if you turn it over there and they score again? You need to at least look like you're trying to win.

Not getting plays in is inexcusable. Hurry up or not, the coaches should be thinking a play ahead and thinking of what they want to do.

I don't remember exactly what the challenge rules are in college since I believe they differ from conference to conference, but you HAD to challenge that play. That would have been a touchback and KU's ball instead of game over. I don't care if you only have 1 timeout left, that's your own fault for wasting timeouts early in the 2nd half of a game you're behind... just like NDSU. This staff continues to show that they are not very well prepared and their in game management leaves much to be desired.

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Webb proves toughness in face of adversity

Uhm.. no interceptions only because Southern Miss dropped 4 that hit them in the hands!!! Once again the team looks unprepared. And for the 2nd time in 3 games a punt is blocked. Maybe it's time to actually practice special teams.

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KU upsets No. 15 Georgia Tech, 28-25

Good win but where was this effort last week. I really hope we don't end up at 5-7 looking back at the NDSU game saying "if only..."

Defense played well against the run but looked very shaky against the pass. A better and more accurate quarterback is going to give the secondary some issues. Sims looked good and ran with authority and made people miss. Can't help but wonder if he played last week. (and yes, all season long until they get to 6 wins and qualify for a bowl game we'll be lamenting the NDSU game.)

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