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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

This community has done its best to ensure that the Merc has no legitimate competition That is unfortunate because all would be better served by healthy competition. Just buying from a locally owned store because it is locally owned is rarely in the consumer's best interest. I have been treated similarly as described at the Merc. Really wanted a Whole Foods to land here. The upside is almost every grocery in town now has a health market so now we do have options.

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City renews threat of eminent domain at dilapidated East Lawrence property

Enforce the code violations if any and let that dictate the process. Eminent domain I not appropriate here.

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City of Lawrence giving away household, automotive supplies

I guess it is a nice thing to do. But why is there so much extra in the first place? Just cut my taxes please and buy less.

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Lawrence attorney Wakefield may challenge Jenkins in U.S. House race

"She'd listen and discuss issues, those in agreement and in opposition. She's got guts to stand up for her convictions, yet has the ability to acknowledge and change when there's a different opinion. I fully believe that she'll find a compromise for the success of Kansas and the nation"
NOT TRUE. IT IS HER WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. Her keen ability for personal insults will not play well in Congress where she would have to start as a junior.

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Lawrence school board eyes other sites for career and technical education center

stop spending money unnecessarily. I concur with use of a closed property or existing structure. this community never ceases to amaze me at their espousing recycling and preservation yet cannot wait to tear down the old to build new. wasteful in the least

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

This is a nonsensical article, focusing on one recent graduate's complaints about getting around town? I don't care how much road construction there is in the summer, it is still a breeze to get around town in comparison to the school year. Since I know about it in advance and know the town I can avoid unnecessary delays. thankfully at least some of the roadwork that needs to get done is being worked on. My only suggestion would be to have roadwork done during nighttime hours instead of during the day - cooler and less traffic. If it is the only shift it would not require overtime.

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City agrees to expand rental inspection program to all areas of Lawrence

Why isn't the Amtrak depot being considered for the transportation hub? somewhat out of the way yet very near downtown and links with an out-of-town transit system.

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What was your favorite school lunch?

Pizza. That was before I knew what restaurant pizza was.
The worst ever a hoagie made with soy product.

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Economic well-being of children in Kansas getting worse, according to new study

Poverty is not a determinant of health and/or safety.
Just because a child lives "in poverty" whatever that means does not mean that he/she is unsafe or unfed.
This comes doubly for living in an area of concentrated poverty.
We are focusing on the wrong aspects of health, care, safety and nutrition.

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Construction can't stop St. John's Fiesta

It's a great community event but three days in a row on the paper front page? The Kansas relays don't get that kind of coverage.

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