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KU room and board rate increase proposed

No, it isn't. Check the meal plan. 400 meals. $8.85/meal.

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KU room and board rate increase proposed

$430/month to live in a walk-in closet and $8+ per meal?lol


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Overland Park considers restricting open carry

The mean streets of OP.lol

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

I can't imagine why anyone would want to live in the new suite style considering you could live on your own off-campus for less.

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Western Civilization class may no longer be required at KU

Those classes were not hard fyi. Yes, a lot of reading. Hard? No.

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Do you think standardized tests are a good measure of intelligence?

Standardized tests are designed to test knowledge, not intelligence, so no.

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Police seeking southwest Lawrence burglary suspect

Seriously? You would enjoy killing another human being? Yikes.

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Bicyclist injured after accident at 23rd and Naismith

The right of way must be yielded in certain situations, but no one has the right of way, ever.

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Power restored to all Westar customers

"Westar is always having problems!"


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The Kaw Valley Older Women's League is circulating a petition to add physician assisted death as an option in Kansas. Do you support physician assisted death?

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