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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

That donut hole in Kansas was ENTIRELY the choice of Brownback, who chose to turn away millions of federal dollars to help KS expand. So blame Brownback, not Obama on that one.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

I find it funny that the couch issue (which is ridiculous) is getting all the attention and yet another tax abatement isn't.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

RIDICULOUS! 10 fires? That means about 1.3 incidents per year - any researcher at KU will tell you - you can't draw conclusions on that few pieces of data(!!!!)

Do they not have better things to do?

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Gov. Brownback nominates top lawyer for Kansas appeals court

An article on the Haiti case:

A group of missionaries goes to an earthquake zone and rounds up children without, you know, bothering to do any paperwork or check, you know, if the kids actually have family in the area:
"According to reports from Haiti, it has been established that many, if not most, of the children were not even orphans. Silsby is believed to have had "permission" from at least some of the children's parents or guardians to take them away. But in no instance, authorities say, did the missionaries have the proper documentation needed for a surrender of parental rights. And reports from Calebasse, the small town near Port-au-Prince where most of the children lived, indicate that some were handed over by adults who were not their parents -- a brother, a godmother, an informal guardian."

Given the horrible problems of human trafficking that exist, this is incredibly irresponsible- you know when you speed but don't see the sign? You still get a ticket. The fact that this lawyer was involved in this is a strike against him.

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Democratic leader says Brownback improperly packing Kansas Board of Regents with too many Republicans

You have one of the best Community Colleges in the country 30 min away at JCCC w/sat. offices/classrooms in Lawrence.

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

1) Recruiting the best and brightest students from diverse backgrounds.
2) Making sure KU keeps itself in order in accepting/rejecting students - you do know that universities get sued for that?
3) Promoting diversity on campus - you do realize a part of going to college is experiencing other students and their culture?

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

So let me get this straight...

Republicans are always defending huge CEO salaries, saying they are justified in making as much as they do and you have to pay to have the best.

Why doesn't that apply to Education or everything else?

Does he really believe that we can continue to be an AAU, Top 100 University without paying the best people competitively.

Fire Bill Self, hire some young guy we don't have to pay as much. I'm sure they'll be just as successful???

Merrick is an idiot.

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Revenue Secretary Jordan says Brownback cares about the poor

Stopping on Mass St talking to homeless people???

How he can help them is by not gutting our Mental Health system and safety net programs.

Is it more disturbing that Brownback is a self-serving political climber who is throwing the state under the bus to win a Presidential primary...

Or so completely ignorant that he really doesn't get it.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

DEMAND creates jobs - if I make a product and demand increases I hire more people. No competent business person fails to hire people to meet demand due to a few percentage pts of taxation one way or another This tax plan makes no sense.

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House gives preliminary approval to bill protecting students with disabilities

You establish this restraint and seclusion law to force schools to properly train staff. Staff training costs a fraction of what it costs to do things the wrong way. Sometimes you need to enforce standards. And I'd say when the lives and well-being of the most vulnerable children are at stake, you err on the side of caution.

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