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Lavender Ceremony to honor gay, bisexual graduates at KU

Seriously, gay people need each other's support because a lot of people are cruel and hateful. As many of you prove all the time. That is all this is, an additional celebration with folks who understand what they have been through. When they don't get treated differently, that support will not be as important. Everyone goes to the same KU graduation, this is additional. There are LOTS of special ceremonies for many different groups, I really don't see the big deal.

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Protect unborn

I am NOT talking about freakonomics. I am talking about human misery.

For far too many children a fact of their life from birth. The very reason we have about a kajillion older foster kids who need a family. But broken little souls are not easy to live with, so they grow up without any teaching of right and wrong from someone who loves them. And so the cycle continues. I realize some kids buck the odds.

But I think everyone can agree that the world needs less of it.

If we could make birth control better and more human error proof and teach young women AND young men to understand that unprotected sex or sex before you are too young to be responsible about birth control that would be huge.

But I don't think we as a society should be telling the young woman in a abusive relationship with an addiction problem that she has to bring a child into the world.

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Protect unborn

Why I see that the death penalty can be related to abortion is this: a certain number of those mothers who some people feel should be forced by law to "chose life" are NOT going to give that baby up for adoption. Nor are they going to stop abusing drugs, or develop the patience to not abuse their kids, or hooking up with men who will abuse their kids, or teach them even the most basic values. They are simply not capable of it.

NO ONE is BORN a "monster". Kids can be damaged beyond repair and they are the ones who grow up to spread abject misery in this world. And those services which have the task of "saving" those kids once they are born into hell are the first ones cut when people are tired of paying more taxes.

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Rec calendar

Hello? These organization are not subsidized by the government. These are separate entities started by individuals.

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Details begin to emerge on making school board's budget cutting plan work

It is my understanding that moving the upper grades to New York is a way to make room at Kennedy for the preschool kids. They don't plan to move New York k-3 to Kennedy. When East Heights closed as a grade school, most of those kids were sent to Kennedy. I think this is a way of making the boundaries what they should have been in the first place. And it is not "barely being used" AJsmomma. The boundaries of most schools are mostly residential and New York's include an industrial and other non-residential areas. The school board can use the school more efficiently than they have. That being said, it is a great school and the neighborhood has more families all the time. I am thrilled to see it stay open.

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School lunch aid reflects economy

Seriously. This lady is a great person and much loved at the school.

I am sure everyone who is making snide remarks is a model of physical human perfection but they are pretty damn ugly where it counts.

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Sexual assault reported Thursday morning

I know blaming the victim is pretty much par for the course on here, but people should realize that date rape drug in a girl's drink is unfortunately not uncommon. It happens right here in Lawrence.

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God, humbug

I wasn't raised in any religion, and my parents (agnostic) did a lot for other people their whole lives, and taught us that kindness and compassion and doing the right thing makes the world a better place. I think it is sad that people think so little of human character that they think right and wrong come only from God.

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Family lauds New York School teacher's impact on student

Mr. Rome is an awesome teacher, and New York is a great school with a very caring environment. I think the fact that there are two male teachers (Mr. Bode is an outstanding teacher too) in the early primary grades is a huge bonus to the kids who don't have a dad at home.

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Tax credits for university repairs slow to catch on

The point is that private funds have to be spent on whatever the donor allots them to. It seems that alumni are more interested in football bragging rights than taking care of academic space.

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