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Historic Lawrence church being restored to former glory

Congratulations! I love this church and the history it has seen! This restoration has been hard won for them.

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Rape charge prompts national fraternity to investigate local Delta Chi chapter

Unfortunately this happened to friends of mine back in the day. Same circumstances. There are evil dudes in the world watching for naive young women who haven't learned their limits with alcohol or are way too trusting. It is wayyyy too common.

Young women need to watch out for their friends. Don't leave them behind! Carry them home if you have too! And decent men need to step up and say, this doesn't happen to my friends and do their part to keep them safe too.

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Brick restoration on New York Street reaches its final phase

I know reading the article is clearly not a requirement to comment, but NONE of the money is from the City of Lawrence.

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How well do you think you know your neighbors?

I agree with another poster that East Lawrence is friendly and we know our neighbors. I have totally awesome neighbors who help each other out. But it is partly the way all of the houses have porches and sidewalks and people actually walk a lot.

You get to know folks when you see them all the time. The neighborhoods where the main part of the house you see are the garage are going to have a harder time.

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Research finds the poor are more obese

Fast food is NOT cheap, skip that and you have more options at the grocery store. I have seen people's carts at the grocery store full of "food" but no nutritional value. Cheap soda, white bread, ramen noodles. Kids grow up eating that way, and find it hard to make wiser choices.

You can buy a weight watchers cookbook at Salvation Army. Canned vegetables can be purchased pretty cheaply and still have nutritional value, whole wheat is not more expensive than white, you can cook most things without frying them, and water is the cheapest drink there is. But someone has to break the cycle and learn a different way to eat.

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KU country?

I certainly see a lot more kids from where I grew up in the western part of the state coming to KU than I did 20 years ago. And the non-farming population has dropped at the same time, so I think KU has made real progress.

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Restoration movement: Couple honored for years spent remodeling east Lawrence home

thuja, The addition referred to in the article looks great and has been complete for awhile. I am not sure what house you are talking about?
For those of us who have seen it in progress, it has been inspirational.

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How Lawrence taxes measure up against cities statewide

Some people find a lot to complain about in Lawrence. I don't know why they live here. I guess some people just like to bitch.

If you have lived in any other towns in Kansas, your taxes may or may not be lower, but Lawrence has them beat on being a great place to live and raise kids.

It is a real community in the best sense of the word if you get out and enjoy it instead of staying in and bitching about every single online article.

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Time out: Kansan Chely Wright becomes first openly gay country star

She said that she is telling people because she wants kids growing up to know that it is ok to be gay. That even country singers can be gay. That you shouldn't have to hide who you are.
It is more than what you do in your bedroom. It is who you love, who you want to spend your life with. Is your relationsip with your significant other only about what you do in the bedroom?

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Lavender Ceremony to honor gay, bisexual graduates at KU

So no one who has special challenges in life should have anything extra like a support system, since not everyone does? Makes perfect sense.

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