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KU chancellor announces steps aimed at more effective response to sexual assaults

Not all women raped on campus are drunk, even though those are the cases that get the attention. And due process doesn't mean a lot when the DA doesn't really believe in pursuing justice in cases where the victim knew the assailant (which is most rapes), Even with a rape kit. And if it does go to trial convictions are hard to get and the process is very traumatizing for many victims. It's a no win situation for many victims. That doesn't mean the rape didn't occur or that the rapist doesn't end up doing it again. Evidence does show that most college rapists are serial rapists.

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Editorial: Rental oversight

What drives up the cost of housing for families is slumlords who can get 500 dollars or more per bedroom in single family neighborhoods. Then they do zero maintenance, and rip off every single deposit they get. I know this happens with one property owner in town over and over. And folks who are invested in their neighborhoods and take care of their property live next door to houses being allowed to fall in.
I don't know about city wide inspections, but I think everyone deserves safe housing at least.

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City likely to require test to answer burial puzzle at Ninth and New Hampshire

It seems like a lot of people have no reading comprehension. It isn't going to stop the construction of the blessed hotel. But if there are remains they need to be found and treated with respect. Lawrence has recently been recognized for it's important place in American history whether you agree or not.

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Recycling center loses 1st appeal

Don't be offended, Sourpuss. Most of the people bagging on E Lawrence have never done more than drive through on the main streets and make wild leaps of judgement based on ancient stereotypes. They likely live in neighborhoods that are zoned so they will never have to worry about industrial salvage fires across the street from homes, so it is easy for them to say we complain a lot. W Lawrence folks find plenty to bitch about whenever someone wants to build a Wal Mart or apartment complex but they don't get piled on for that. Many of us love E Lawrence, and some people just like to put people down.

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East Lawrence homes spruced up with modern, unique appearances

This has been evolving into a mixed income neighborhood with a lot of investment and preservation on many different scales for years. People who think this is a new phenomena and that these guys are the first to get on board with the "potential" in the area really need to actually visit the neighborhood once in a while. Now if we could just do something about Bonita Yoder and the other slumlords who let their properties fall in.

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Town Talk: Jefferson's set to reopen; East Lawrence concerned about proposed demo of early-1900s home; Lawrence signs that the season is changing

Even if they tear down the house, it is a neighborhood of single family homes. There is apartment zoning all over this town. Build your apartments where it is already zoned! Tear the house down it it can't be saved. Not everything can be. But NO apartments in it's place. Seriously, why is that even considered?

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Lawrence Board of Zoning Appeals approves new Dillons plan

Much of a snob Krichards? The Mass Dillons is in a fine neighborhood and the folks who work there are as friendly and helpful as at any retail store in town. Many of them have worked there for years and know many customers by name. People don't need to be rich to be decent folks.

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If you could teach a parrot to say anything, what would it be?

Some seem pretty smart. A family member's bird mimicked all kinds of sounds dead on, including the laugh of one of the daughters, a specific baby's cry, and yelled out the name of one of the sons every time the phone rang. If they don't like you, it doesn't seem like you can really win them over. They bond to only certain people.

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Lawrence Man's Dog Shot to Death

imastinker - there are a lot of good hunters, but anyone who grew up in a rural area in hunting country know there are some idiots who will shoot at any sound in the bushes too and come way too close to houses and other property. We had cattle get shot more than once. A woman in Maine was shot on her own back porch - she was wearing white mittens, which was enough to get her killed.

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Community meets at Central Junior High about proposed Dillons expansion

I know the words "East Lawrence" always bring out the bashers, but I have news. Anyone can send out an announcement of a public meeting about a change to anything along these lines and the people who GO to that meeting are usually the ones who have COMMENTS to make.

The people who think comments equal "we don't want it" are way off base though. I have heard only positive endorsement of the idea of an expansion. From the people who actually shop there especially!

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