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Man accused of violent sexual assault on bike path may have been involved in two earlier attacks

I know these two boys who came to her rescue and I couldn't be more proud of them! That is an incredibly brave thing to do. Although this certainly has been a nightmare for the young woman, I am so glad she's alive, and it's thanks to their actions and her own will to fight. Even though this guy is any community's worst nightmare, it's important to remember that we have also been reminded about the goodness and strength of others.

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Buried History

Another nice one, Phil. Keep up the good work! This is fascinating stuff, and I each time I find myself eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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Update: KU Libraries avails 1937 aerial image of Woodland Park

Cool! It is interesting how little evidence there was of the park only those few years later. Also, it's interesting to see the landscape as it was then, as opposed to now.

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LiDAR image of the historic Woodland Park. The image reveals the location of the park's horse racing

I am quite familiar with the woods, and there is a main, well-worn (and often very muddy!) pathway through them that, before I knew about the track, always struck me as an old railroad bed because it is fairly wide and is distinctive. Now I know it is the southern stretch of the track. It is also clear where the western end of the track was because the earth appears to have been intentionally built up around the perimeter of that end.

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The Daisy Dozer's Day

Regarding Dr. Evans' "hesitations", of course there are good reasons for that. No direct link appears to exist that ties the Daily Journal's content to his fictious story about "Sandy" and the party in "Stanton". However, I am struck by the circumstantial nature of these details. Hughes would have been 8 1/2 years old and living in Lawrence when the paper's editor decided to throw himself a big birthday party at Woodland Park, and he had decided to celebrate by treating the city's children to this free day. It is hard to imagine that a party, publicized in the newspaper and free for children would have gone un-noticed by any child in town. Then, to have published that "colored" children essentially weren't invited is noteworthy. Even if Hughes had not been turned away at the gate, certainly that intelligent and precocious child (who a few years later would observe dissection of human cadavers on the KU campus because he was curious!) would have been able to imagine the possibility of such a moment.

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The Daisy Dozer's Day

Agreed! (hartk678)
I think an historic marker is in order in Brook Creek Park, acknowledging Woodland Park and its tie to Langston Hughes.
Overall, I think we need more reasons to interview ladies like Mrs. Roper. We need to preserve history that otherwise would eventually be lost to time. I'd like to see Lawrencians continue to seek out the detail of our town's dramatic and complex history and embrace it.

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The Daisy Dozer's Day

Well done, Phil. Nice research. My students will get a kick out of seeing this!

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Dog stolen from Lawrence Humane Society

Not everyone cares about dogs the way some of us care. If you don't, you should know that the lack of compassion and desire for power and violence inherent in those who fight dogs spills over into other aspects of their lives. This makes dog fighters a danger to us all. Deep down, I hope we all will just care about the dogs, too. It is a living thing that feels pain, after all.

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Former KU athletic director dies

Dr. Frederick's death is a shock. The way I am going to deal with this is the way I hope many will, and that is to honor his memory by living a little more like he did, with integrity and care. Margey - I am thinking about you and your boys tonight. It's hard to imagine the loss you feel, but please know that many are praying for you at this time.

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Poet's Showcase


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