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Black Lives Matter vigil prompts race discussion among Lawrence school board members

As a parent of a mixed-race child in the district, I would like to see district officials survey teachers and other staff about their thoughts on equity matters in the district. Is what they're doing really working? What else is needed?
This would seem very reasonable considering equity is one of the stated pillars in the district, and it would be a better way of putting a finger on the pulse of what's actually happening rather than just stating goals and general perceptions.

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Letter to the editor: Children’s funds

Good letter. Sad reason to have to write it.
Thank you for trying to get the word out about this shortsighted, horribly expensive mistake our state government is positioning themselves to make.

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New Lawrence superintendent wants to improve communication, emphasize connections

As a parent of a USD497 student, a district teacher, and a community member, I can't help but wonder about the morale concerns expressed by the Board President Sandburn. How will this board and this administrator resolve staff morale issues when these problems evolved in the district during the time in which they had top leadership roles?
Morale problems among employees, especially teachers, make it so much harder for them to be at their best for students.
Only time will tell whether or not they are serious about the effort to improve morale, whether or not they know how to authentically accomplish that goal, and whether or not checks and balances will be in place to assure this goal is truly being met and communicated accurately to the public.
Given how Kansas state government is already so hard on teacher morale, this effort can't have more urgency if we intend to keep skilled and caring teachers in our classrooms.

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Only in Lawrence: Margey and Bob Frederick's trail of generosity

Margey, I have always adored you, so I am very pleased to see this piece about you and Bob! I know there are many more wonderful things that can be said about you than can even begin to fit in this article, but I want to mention that I was lucky enough to watch you be the heart and soul of the KU Visitors Center when it came into being. What fun moments you brought the staff and student workers, too, like the time you brought in a basket of hundreds of Cadbury eggs! The student workers' eyes were never so big. I'm glad you are being recognized, even though clearly that's not why you do what you do.

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Monday evening house fire displaces family; neighbor helps rescue dogs

Way to go, Kade! You're a fine young man, but that's no surprise! :)

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President Obama arrives in Kansas

During his visit, I really hope that President Obama comes to see how historically significant, dynamic, and wonderful Lawrence is.
This is a pretty special place, and this is a remarkable occasion to have him here.
Welcome, Mr. President!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Lawrence's first Thanksgiving

What is the date of the photo please? Is that known?

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Letter: Abuse enforcement

Actually, it's not the DA's matter yet. The officers need to complete their investigation before the case is turned over to the DA's office.

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

You've got to be kidding. Quit making excuses for them. That turkey could have ended up alive and safely returned as they promised on 6News the prior evening. It's not that hard to keep a turkey alive. Something is very wrong with these young men, and it's time to stop diminishing how inappropriately they conducted themselves. They tortured it in the name of fun.

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Rebuilding Lawrence's German history

You should include those additional photos from the print article here.

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