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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

Nice job, Caitlin. I appreciate the timely updates.

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Obama gave the OK to do the job according to ABC News.

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How to help earthquake victims in Haiti

If you want to donate to an organization other than the Red Cross, you might consider Doctors Without Borders (MSF). It is composed of doctors who volunteer their services to help people in medical need. They were already in Haiti helping when the earthquake struck and now they need more medical supplies.


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Linda Baranski, former president of the Lawrence Art Guild and volunteer director of the 1109 Galler

Congratulations! Lawrence is fortunate to have the LAG as well as the new 1109 Gallery.

Thanks for your contribution to art and artists in Lawrence!

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20-year-old Lawrence woman dies after apparent hit-and-run

I can't imagine how her family and friends must feel. I'm very sorry for them. She was a lovely, kind young woman.

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Western precincts appear to have stronger voting turnout

The results page for LJW

is showing precinct 48 (Pioneer Ridge) as having
1246 registered voters
1325 ballots cast

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