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These guys are the BEST. They came out right away, tackled the problem. It was wind-related -- the gutter sang like Meatloaf in 30+ mph winds. Had to wait until the next wind; it wasn't quite tight enough. They came out and tightened it down, with no extra charge. And, they noticed a few other things not quite right with gutters on the other side of the house; called and asked if I wanted that fixed. You bet, I said. They're professional, prompt and aim to please. I'd recommend them to anyone with a gutter problem.

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Mike Yoder's Kodachrome experience

A loverly visual ode to Kodachrome, Mike!

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I brought my cats there for the first time late last year for a checkup. A neighbor recommended them. The vet who did the checkup is very thorough and obviously cares about the animals he sees. Both of my cats needed a dental cleaning, and one of them had a tooth pulled. Having had a cat several years ago who suffered dental problems because he didn't have preventive care, I appreciated the attention to this detail.

The staff is very competent. I bet they all wish they were in a larger facility with larger rooms! But having a small office doesn't keep them from doing a fantastic job.

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Discussions come to a point in teepee gathering called Newspaper Church

What a great idea, what a great read!

Thanks, Chad!

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Study: Lawrence ranks fourth among small metro areas for military retirees

Any idea how many retired military live in Lawrence now? Or how many are retiring here annually?

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Town Talk: Airport studying $1.3 million project; T buses to soon get new look

What happens to the old buses?

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FSHS baseball senior Davis soaks up run to 6A state

How did Greg get the nickname "Big Baby"?

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Swine flu claims 25th victim in Kansas

James Bennett, our database reporter, today posted a page with flu data —

The data include:
— a flu activity indicator
— flu mortality, H1N1 and regular flu
— age breakdown of flu-related deaths
— self-reported flu-like illnesses in Kansas
— school absences due to flu

James will be updating the data every week.

To answer your question, jumpin_catfish, in the same time period that 25 people have died from H1N1, 435 people have died from regular flu.

And if you scroll through the CDC's flu activity map, appleaday —
— you'll see that (all) flu activity hit a peak in October, and it looks like we might be on the back end of the season. In most years, according to the CDC, the flu has peaked in February, but it varies.
We'll see what happens the next couple of months.

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Swine flu claims 25th victim in Kansas

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Smoker ready to extinguish habit

For more support, you can join the 6,523 people on's "Dare to Quit smoking" --
and a quit-smoking group on that site:

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