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What is your favorite game show?

Cash Cab.

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Lawrence man, 20, dies at Wichita hospital after chemicals released in his car on I-70 near Manhattan

I believe WIBW said it was a Lawrence man in his 20s

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Miniature horse makes big impression at area nursing homes

I'm picturing Lil' Sebastian....

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Growing Manhattan attracts Lawrence economic leaders' attention

Let me preface this by saying, I want Manhattan's development to work because I live in Manhattan. Particularly, I want the downtown to thrive. But Manhattan has been rushing through the process to try to avoid issues with the new eminent domain law and also trying to get those STAR bonds at any cost. So they rushed and put a lot of existing shops out of business without, it seems a firm plan on what was going in.

Manhattan city government hasn't handled this downtown redevelopment well at all. It seems the contract they signed with the developer was more like a deal with the devil. The city has little control over who Dial brings in to the redevelopment area. Apparently many retailers who were interested in coming to Manhattan are no longer interested.

Now in the quest to get those STAR bonds for the next stage of development, the city is poised to let Dial tweak the plan. To meet that 70% leased goal, Dial is bringing a huge Hyvee in, smack dab in the middle of an area that already contains 4 grocery stores. This is instead of the regional draw pedestrian friendly type retail that was promoted by the city and Dial, and eliminates much of the residential property that was promised. An historic building that was supposed to be saved would also likely be lost. But hey, Dial meets the 70% goal.

Lawrence would be crazy to emulate Manhattan's handling of this plan or in the recent overbuilding for the potential growth of Ft. Riley (a good portion of which has been in areas that flooded this spring/ summer by the way).

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What is your favorite type of beer?

New Belgium Abbey

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DUIs on record of Cat Tracker driver

Jerseygirl -- Not sure where they were, back porch of the bus maybe? Here is what the same Mercury article said:

...The report also indicates that 10 people were seated in the vehicle and that the remainder of the passengers were in "any position on or outside the vehicle."

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DUIs on record of Cat Tracker driver

A witness, assistant Manhattan fire chief who was following just behind the Cat Tracker (in his privately owned fire truck), said driver was not speeding. Also, 6 of the 8 people on top of the bus were standing.

Also noticed in same article that only 10 (out of 22) persons were riding INSIDE the bus when the accident occurred. Personally, I would think the driver would notice that more than half the passengers were not riding inside the bus.

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Dems spring surprise TV ad on Ryun

Saw that Jim Ryun's wife (also VP Cheney and others)was mentioned in a NY Times article today re: using lots of hand sanitizer after shaking hands while campaigning in Topeka. Guess you do what you gotta do after meeting the unwashed masses. Just kidding, it is flu season after all. I would do the same if I'd just shook hands with a bunch of Republicans!

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A rivalry for LHS?

I think he has a point (especially about the Basalt mascot).

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