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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

The premium listed is less than we have been paying for a family of 4 for the past 12 years or so.

I would have preferred single payer as the insurance companies are a big part of the problem. But the most important thing is that the previously uninsured will have options.

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Letter: Couch precedent

If people used good sense, we might not need any regulations. Unfortunately, too often they don't.

Couches on porches are a fire hazard and home to mold and critters. They also look trashy and tend to be contagious (causing other porch couches to sprout up around a neighborhood).

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Sound Off: I am a Lawrence property owner, resident and taxpayer. Why are city residents like myself

Pretty tough to judge by license plates, as others have indicated, they could have borrowed the truck.

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Lawrence High graduate meets Obama at Ohio campaign stop

Congrats Noel ! Way to get involved and make a difference!

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Voter ID questions continue

Well I am concerned that so much of Kris Kobach's time has been spent on this issue.
He is only working part-time for Kansas as it is.

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If you have dogs, do you take them to local dog parks?

My dog is fearful/aggressive toward other dogs too. Wish we could train it out of him, we have certainly tried. He is a sweetheart with his people friends, but we avoid other dogs.

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

Father Ratigan was preying on little girls.

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

Dignitas: Tried your link and I just saw a commercial. Is there supposed to be live coverage?

I will say that as a lifelong Catholic, I do not feel that the government is threatening my freedom of religion.

I attended Mass at the Cathedral in Kansas City, MO, the Sunday after the story broke re: possible charges against Bishop Finn, for not reporting Father Ratigan's actions against children to the police.

Everyone was waiting to hear what the priest, apparently a beloved Monsignor, would say. I will never forget my feeling of disappointment, when, in his homily, Monsignor said he didn't know what the right thing to do was, but he hoped it wouldn't impact donations.

No doubt there is a large group of the faithful in Topeka today, but the Church is losing touch with many of us.

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Lawrence to the 1st under congressional redistricting proposal

So, I'm guessing this plan splits Topeka? This is ridiculous. Term limits please!

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10 jobs eliminated at Journal-World, weekly newspapers

Have to disagree with you about the Mercury. I wish it contained "good local reporting of the news". The best thing about the Mercury is that it doesn't take much time to read it.

Very sorry to hear about the job cuts @ the LJW.

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