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You all are talking about actual celebrations over the death of someone? It may be just but leave it at that. An Osama Is Dead party sounds barbaric. I personally would have liked to see him captured and sent through the sewer system that is our due process for terrorists.

Also, it is very clear with countries like Pakistan that capturing this man is of utmost importance. No one is going to diplomatically mess with the people who shot a man who masterminded a plan to murder thousands of Americans. Good job to the service members and congratulations to Obama for actually "pulling the trigger" when it seemed like Bush could have done it so many times, it was just more beneficial to always be chasing him and "fighting the war on terror."

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

The Dem'a want Trump to be GOP front runner because they think he would be the easiest ticket to defeat and they are amused at how much political support he seems to be gaining (and losing).

Any possible Dem ticket vs. Trump/YourFavoriteGOPPolitician is a losing battle for Repub's come election day.

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President Barack Obama's birth certificate released by White House

Go read James Carville's piece about "Trump, the New GOP Frontrunner" or something along those lines. He will answer all your annoying questions about why it took so long for Obama to procure this document and why he even revealed the long form now. Carville is a political analyst who knows exactly what the strategists on the left are up to. It's a calculated move by Democrat's and the article will explain why.

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Domestic partner benefits plan gets early support from Douglas County Commission

Correct, Lamb, because tax burdens are the issue here not civil rights of our fellow Americans. Way to turn this into a fiscal issue.

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KU basketball player Thomas Robinson cited in misdemeanor battery case outside nightclub

Everyone is so quick to make judgments on this website. Were any of you there? Unless the answer is yes then be quiet. This isn't a clear cut case of a pre meditated felony or anything. You guys know nothing but what the paper wants to report which is "Star Basketball Player Cited for Battery" and all these jokers who want their names in the paper so they have some dramatic story every news reporter needs to hear. If this is the top story on LJWorld, then you guys need to check your priorities on the news you publish...

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Kansas Highway Patrol investigates whether drugs contributed to double-fatality Saturday afternoon on K-10

Methadone is not normally a "painkiller" it is used to treat opiate addicts. This is USUALLY the case so I can not say if that was the case in this situation. Benzodiazepines are used to treat involuntary body movement, severe anxiety, etc. And would easily be the most impairing of the substances listed unless it was just in his system from sometime within 24-48 hours before the accident which would give him enough time to not be feeling the effects of the drugs. I drive daily on benzodiazepines (per subscription) and am fully aware that if I over medicate it does impair my ability to drive. I hope this was not the issue here but I will break it down easily for everyone who seems to be easily throwing blame. Methadone can not even impair a person if they are used to high levels of opiates so that is probably not a factor. Marijuana would have to be an unusual occurrence or first time thing for his driving abilities to be altered. Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, etc.) will make you feel different and can seriously cause your driving to be poor under many circumstances.

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Images of Auschwitz and Birkenau

This Is one of the most emotionally moving places I have ever been to. Correct me if I'm wrong but are those not pictures of Birkenau? Auschwitz has the "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign over the entrance and the room full of hair. I am aware these two places operated in conjunction and are not far from each other...

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

He has the right to his stupid remarks the way his constituents have the right to vote him in/out of office. I guess you really are talking "like a SE Kansan" which is very disappointing for the people of that region if that is, in fact, how they all think.

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Lawrence man accused of assaulting police officer to go on trial for more severe count than original charge

A good cop practices enough to have his side arm feel natural like an extension of his body in the SMALL chance he has to use it to protect himself or someone else which is what you sign up for as a police officer...

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