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'Forgotten' no more: Coach and Naismith protégé John McLendon broke color barriers in basketball

There's actually a children's book called Game Changer: John McLendon and the Secret Game, by John Coy, that was published in 2015. That's where I first learned of him.

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'Celebrate Freedom Week' approved by House

Since 2005, all public schools, including those in Kansas, have been required by Federal law to teach about the Constitution on September 17, the anniversary of its ratification. Senator Robert Byrd pushed for this and we've been doing it ever since. In fact, in my school, we do take the entire week. How difficult would it have been for the Legislature to discover that this law was already on the books?

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Kobach fighting release of names

Yes, he was elected by the majority of KS voters but those of us who were in the minority and voted against him do still expect him to do his job. And that job doesn't change depending on whether he likes the D or the R at the end of a person's name. If he can't be fair and impartial, he shouldn't have started his own PAC. And if he can't disassociate himself from the candidate that PAC backed, he should recuse himself from situations like this. Oops, I guess that means he should just resign.

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In GOP Kansas, Dems seek to slow shift to right

An oxymoron? Reading the LJW's reports on how women got the right to vote one hundred years ago and on how truly progressive this state used to be was disheartening, to say the least.

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