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Incentives review committee agrees to recommend tax rebate for Masonic Temple building

If Doug Compton is such a smart business man why is he always asking for city monies to help him make his projects a success.? It is time for the city (and county) to make these developers use their own money and not the taxpayers of the city and county.

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Lawrence library wants $18 million expansion, asks city to schedule public vote

$18 million. I think that they are crazy. The library board just wants to have a BIGGER & MORE LAVISH facility than Topeka. Lets do with what we have. My wife and I winter in Phoenix and utilitize a real nice and small library near our home and we feel that this facility is far nicer that Lawrence's facility. In hard times, like now, do with what you have.

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Kansas House set to debate next week a bill to narrow sales tax exemptions

Did the legislators ever think that maybe the State government should be downsized to same money rather than increase taxation?

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Laid-off worker wins $1M lottery prize

Congratulation Vicky. She is a great gal. Work with her at a previous job and was a geat employee. Sure hopes that she spends it wisely.

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Would a special beer can with Kansas University colors make you more likely to buy the beer?

KU get a life, You are acting just like the administration in Washington D.C. Stay out of the free enterprise system.

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Priest charged in prostitution sting

Why just mention Father Campbell's name, how about mentioning the other individuals involved in this?? Is this the season to bash the Catholic Church?

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City considers bus shuttle for KU football game days

Last year, according to your figures, about 124 people per game used the bus. Let those people pay the entire cost . I, for one, don't appreciate my tax money going to subside someone else's entertainment.

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Should the city build a recreation center in west Lawrence?

Let's put that money in our schools where it is needed. We have enough rec centers already. If the city has that much extra money, how about lowering our property taxes

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