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Letter: Citizen targets

I don't think they've made foil out of tin since before I was born, but you're probably right, pharmaceuticals are likely the proper prescription from those who would rather not discuss historical facts.

Enjoy your genetically-manipulated 'food' products washed down with some pharmaceutically-laced, 'flouride' tap liquid while watching your TV news "programming." Don't forget to take your flu shot!

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Letter: Citizen targets

Thanks y'all for the dialogue also. I do think the point of taking strong, critical positions with facts and questions on the table is to stimulate deep dialogue. Now, if we could these kind of dialogues going regularly in a townhall-type forum on subjects from the local to a global, we might just really make something seriously beautiful of this experiment in Republican Democracy.

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Letter: Citizen targets

If you think Timothy McVeigh and a truck bomb alone were responsible for all the carnage and damage at the Murrah Building, you must be living near an informational blackhole. see:

But more to your conceptual point, if you catch somebody in the act of attempting murder, terrorism or waging war on civilians, and violent force is necessary to stop them, that is lawful. But of course, a federal agent trying to stop McVeigh and his helpers and handlers would quickly become the target himself of such "kill list" style of 'law enforcement.'

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Letter: Citizen targets

That's why the Terror Wars are the perfect cover for an ongoing geo-political strategy of tension, that includes a domestic agenda of increasing surveillance, increasing militarization of police and their fusion into Federal Security State, ability to strip people of citizenship and due process etc.

There is no way that an alleged War on Terror could ever be won, even if it weren't a treasonous fraud in the first place. It is a jumbled mess of codified smearing of the civil and military spheres of law combined with a potentially endless military endeavor with no limits in time or space.

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Letter: Citizen targets

You will not be notified if the Executive branch makes an executive decision to liquidate a non-disclosed citizen target. For all we know it may already be happening.

What we know for sure, is that murderous treason against citizens and constitutional process is nothing new to the 'National Security State.' King himself, as was found by a unanimous jury in a civil trial in 1999, was murdered in a conspiracy involving elements of the Federal government.

At this point, the most serious enemies of the Constitution and the American people whose rights it is supposed to protect are domestic, and they're not Islamists or militia-types. After decades of egregious criminal acts perpetrated domestically by the US Security State, including trauma-based mind control experiments on non-consenting citizens (, bio-weapon experiments done by US military and others on US civilian targets (, political assassinations (JFK/MLK/RFK and more), CIA manipulation and undoing of fourth estate as a free press (, to advocate for or suggest that the Executive branch is acting patriotically, responsibly, ethically and lawfully around bureaucratically administered, secret "kill lists" is an act of low treason itself under Article III Section 3 by giving aid and comfort to those pre-emptively declaring their right to wage war on citizens in the 'Homeland' and thus also on the Constitution itself.

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