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KU police: No alcohol involved in Oct. 9 accident on campus

Did you read the story? He, the driver, was cited for distracted driving. The pedestrian, a she, was struck and the article made no mention of them doing any wrong.

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Who do you think won last night's vice presidential debate?

Americans enjoy the behavior you described! We like pushy, we like rude, we like BS, we like emotional appeals, we like loud talking, and we like phony scripted lines. The politicians are just giving us what we want. We as the American public need to have more educated public discourse before Washington does. I wonder how many Americans know who their congressional representative is?

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KU student hit by car released from hospital

My guess is the officer still needs to complete the accident investigation. Once the report is available (they have up to 10 days to complete it) then the information will be available to the public. You are correct, the information is KORA applicable, but you assume it must be released right away. Accident investigations can be intensive, even more so when serious injuries occur. Both parties deserve the right to have a complete and thorough investigation of the accident before life changing information is released to the public.

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Dealership works to keep Chevys

The people complaining about Crown here must not be talking to the same people I know. I have had some problems with the parts and service department in Chevy as well, but I have had much worse experiences at other GM Dealers. As for the sales department, I think they are the most honest you will find. I guess some people dont like being told no, when they try to lie and cheat the salesperson they work with. I have worked as salesperson, and I know the customers lie 10 times more the sales people.

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