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Letter: Vengeful God

Bigots who portray our president in a pimp hat as their avatar please feel free to post their stupidity above.

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Opinion: In defense of America’s 47 percent

So, who gets to decide if those who qualify are "worthy"? Would you like to set up a panel of concerned citizens such as yourself to parade those seeking EIC in front of to plead their cause? Outside of the tax code, which already determines eligibility, what makes them "worthy" in your eyes? Race? Gender? Religion? Cleanliness? General attitude?

You state below that 25k isn't poor. Well, it isn't rich either, buddy. Try being a family of four existing on about $2,000 a month and tell me how rich you feel. I have received the EIC at a couple of points in my life (now I'm a good, solid, middle class tax payer so you can be assured my opinion you) and I have to say it was a godsend. The "largess" of which you speak was a thousand or so dollars. Not much to someone like Mitt, but a fortune to one to whom it means a running vehicle or not.

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How has Pinterest inspired you?

I'm inspired to make fun of people who make fun of things because they don't know what they're talking about and think they're funny. But only if it involves using mason jars or jumbo muffin tins.

Seriously, I love Pinterest. It has given me great ideas and like you, Julie, it has really provided a new spark to my creativity. It also creates a new connection with my friends and allows us to share interests that we never may have realized we shared. I think sometimes people view social networking as a replacement for real intereaction when it really is an enhancement.

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

So this is why its_just_math uses a variation of his/her (anonymous) name? To avoid being caught?

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Study: Voter ID changes make it harder for 5 million people to vote

Wow. Way to categorize people. Bitter much?

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Fiddlers, pickers fill South Park for state competition

I had a great time again this year! Thank you to all the people who work so hard to put this together. It's one of my favorite events that makes Lawrence such a great place to live! Great pics, too, LJWorld.

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Introducing the Dear Lawrence community photo project: We need your help!

Every party needs a pooper...

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What’s the most you’d be willing to pay for a college education?

Ummm...I think it should read, "Medical Billing and Coding." Speaking as a coder, there's no such occupation as "Medical bills and calling."

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Burcham Park, Riverfront Park, lower Constant Park all closed as Kansas River prepares to crest at flood stage

Have they already closed it? I saw three people sitting right next to the water in the park a little over an hour ago. The river is already high. Flood waters are nothing to trifle with.

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Conservative politicians tied to biggest lies

Care to provide any examples?

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