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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

Ahhh..Jayhawk. You are correct that I did have something better to do on New Years Day and that was to spend time with my family and watching football. None of my comments were ignorant, just stating the facts. And BTW, I do know the Andrews family..Jay, Jenny, Robbie, and Nick. Yes, she is a good girl but obviously made a very poor decision in battering an officer who was there to do a job. Her decision will have a life long effect, especially when it comes to med school....Anything else?

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

Turned on the scanner last night after getting home and could not believe the amount of calls the police were receiving. Several times throughout the night they did not have enough officers to respond to fight calls or other disturbance related calls. Kudos to the PD and SO for doing such a great job last night. I hope Ms. Megan Andrews enjoys her stay in the Douglas County Hotel as I saw she has no bond and I doubt the judges are working on New Years Day.

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Lawrence police to patrol Topeka Saturday during services for slain officers

Very unselfish of our police officers to give up their time with their families to assist an outside agency. God bless our peacekeepers.

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Police chief presents downtown surveillance camera policy at forum, will revise for City Commission

I am not sure of your reading comprehension level, but I at no time wrote Lawrence has a serious crime problem, I clearly state if the cameras will assist the police with their investigations, then I support it. Furthermore, you may want to read the 2011 Benchmark study on the department's website to educate yourself on what crime problems we actually face in Lawrence. I did and I was amazed at the amount of crime we have in Lawrence compared to other cities. And also... I think you will look at the officers sitting in parking lots writing reports or doing follow up a little differently. What you do not take into account is the police vehicle is the officers OFFICE where work gets done. They do not have the luxury of sitting behind a desk to write reports, it is done in parking lots and in their cars.

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Police chief presents downtown surveillance camera policy at forum, will revise for City Commission

The MAJORITY of Lawrencians obviously support this measure if only 12 people showed up at the forum. If these cameras will assist the police with their investigations and serve as a deterrent to criminals, thus protecting people visiting our downtown area, then I support it. The only policy I would question is the length of time the video is maintained (i.e. 7 days). If the server is large enough, why not keep the video for the same period of time as the officers' in-car videos, which I believe is 30 days. This way the policy would somewhat mimic what is already standard protocol within the department. The police have a hard enough job to do given todays societal problems, if this is another tool they can use to assist them with getting the job done, I am in support!!

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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

Is Amyx the only commissioner that possesses common sense? A city needs to take care of its core services before any recreational needs are discussed. This includes water, trash, sewer, and Public Safety! If the proposed recreation center is going to be such a money maker for the city, why doesn't a private entity, i.e. Fritzel, make this a private investment on his part? This whole process smells like rotten eggs from the construction cost to the single source developer (Fritzel). We already have a $20+ million dollar library to pay for and we know we will have a new $30 million dollar police headquarters to pay for in the very near future, now is not the time to throw another $20 million at a new recreation center.

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