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Chris Thompson, Kansas’ other golf pro, on rise

CT is a baller.

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Hinrich traded to Washington Wizards

I hope all the teams mortgaging their future for a chance to sign these "big time" free agents fail...and fall flat on their face. Kirk is a veteran starter and a damn good player. The Bulls are idiots.

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Self thrilled with landing spots of Aldrich, Henry

So Sherron, value menu at McDs or a promising career in the NBA?

Oh, McDs fo' sho'!!!!

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McPherson teacher to stand trial on sex, alcohol charges

Todd the tool. What a loser.

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Nebraska man dies at Country Stampede

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Back-to-back: Emotional Aldrich, Henry savor consecutive selections to draft lottery

Bend the bill on your hat look like a damn fool.

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Chamber selects leadership class

Ryan Toner is the man. Nuff said.

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Health reform forum lively

Easy with the smug, b*tch-face look Jenkins.

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Strings attached: Fiddler moves to national stage while reminding audience of New Orleans’ needs

Easy with the crazy facial expressions lady!

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