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Riordan thinks doctor's perspective, problem solving skills would be asset to City Commission

I haven't commented on the political side other than saying that I feel he is a good guy. I have already stated my point is not to sway voters. My comment was strictly on my personal experience with him which I made clear. I have no idea what his political stance is and did not comment towards that. I am just pleased to see him come up in an article because it has been several years since I have seen him. I am indifferent to the politics because I have not researched that side as of yet. This is the first I have heard that he had interest in being on the City Commission.

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Riordan thinks doctor's perspective, problem solving skills would be asset to City Commission

I am not trying to sway voters. All I can say is that from my experience with him over many years, he is a very dedicated individual and strives to be the best at what he does. He does this in a way that keeps the best interest of others in mind. He is honest, kind, and respectful. In my opinion, that translates to every part of life and every role he could play as a member of the community.

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Riordan thinks doctor's perspective, problem solving skills would be asset to City Commission

I love Terry Riordan. He was a great doctor to my boys when they were growing up. Without him, one of my sons would not have been diagnosed with a medical condition as early as he was. Other doctors had ignored the issue despite the fact that my son had stopped growing at the age of 3. Dr. Riordan didn't take the situation lightly and immediately got us to the right people to properly diagnose him. Without this early detection, my son would have not reached his true growth potential. Children's Mercy explained that without any intervention, my son's adult height would have been 3'6". He made it to 5'5" and he is grateful for that as an adult.

Dr. Riordan has always treated my children with dignity, respect, patience and true concern. I really feel he is a great man and is an asset that should be utilized.

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Driver crashes into house after losing control of vehicle on K-10

It doesn't really matter if it was an "accident" or not. The driver is liable. This is a simple principle that I teach my kids. Intent doesn't always matter. If you bring harm to someone or their property, you should have to face the consequences.

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Weather forces districts, including Lawrence, to cancel classes; other cancellations listed

I swear that LJWorld commenters seem to be the most high strung people that overreact to everything. There is always some major complaint about minor issues. Stop stressing people. There are way worse things in the world that can affect your life than having to wait until 6am to find out a school closing. (This has been USD 497's practice for years now, by the way) You are taking years off of your life getting worked up over something so insignificant.

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Sound Off: I'm a neighbor near Southwest Middle School, and several nights a week and on Saturdays,

I wish my life was so peachy keen that the worst thing I had to complain about was families parking near a school for children's activities.

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Do you think cyberbullying is an issue?

Not as long as there is a red x still at the top right of your screen.

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Injured 4-year-old flown to Kansas City hospital

Is it common to be life-flighted for injuries that are not life threatening?

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Serving up hate

The last time I checked, "bigots" were not a protected group under the Civil Rights Act. A private business has the right to refuse service. It may be a discriminatory act, but it is a legal one.

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Woman searches for mysterious Lawrence hero from childhood

She looks to be about 8 in the picture and appears healthy and not gaunt. She may have just been a very petite girl. I wouldn't assume the man was giving her a nickel to buy moon pies because she appeared malnourished or neglected. He was probably a nice old man that had a lot of empathy for children and their struggles and was showing some kindness.

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