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Town Talk: Godfather's Pizza closes in West Lawrence; Eileen's Colossal Cookies reopens; city moving to take next step on curbside recycling but service can't begin until 2014

We went to Godfather's after their "remodel". Nothing was remodeled. There was only one pizza on the buffet at a time and the more "professional" of the buffet crowd had that scarfed up faster than the digestive aftermath of eating Godfather's pizza.

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Fantasy abounds in attractions at Renaissance Festival

Hey now, I . . .

Okay, yeah, you're right.

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Lawrence man pleads no contest to threatening teen with chain saw

Zombies are rarely armed with anything more than, uh, their arms. No matter what age, you take him out.

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Proclamation apologizes to African-Americans over injustices

He's not apologizing for slavery, that's already been done. He's apologizing for segregation, separate but equal, pre-B v BOE stuff. Of which there are most certainly people still alive.

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In Plain Sight 5/16/2012 (Solved)

Fast Eddy's in N. Lawrence.

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City Commission wants Taste Lounge's liquor license revoked

Yes it was. BYOB as well.

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City Commission wants Taste Lounge's liquor license revoked

I'm telling you, you never saw these problems when it was Night Owls.

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Statehouse Live: Committee introduces measure aimed at reducing politics in redistricting

Nothing solves politics better than bureaucracy.

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