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As Briggs prepares to move out of Sears building, rumors heat up that Dick's Sporting Goods will be moving in

This is not an accurate statement. Only vehicles purchased through have a portion donated to the K-State Alumni Fund. Please don't make blanket statements that you have not researched that then can hurt the businesses that employee people like me that live here in Lawrence. If it were not for Briggs, I would have no job.

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Would you wear Google's proposed Internet-connected glasses designed to allow you to video chat, shop and perform other fuctions now available on hand-held devices?

I think this would also be a perfect use for the Deaf. If closed captioning were made available on the glasses the deaf could go to the same theaters that hearing people do.

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Jim Clark car lot changing hands

Chrysler Dodge Jeep is back in town as Briggs Chrysler Dodge Jeep at 2121 W 29th Terrace

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