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Letter: Gun access

The only problem with your arguements is that they are rational. The majority of extreme gun advocates (i.e., those who think everyone should be allowed to carry weapons whose only purpose is to kill people) aren't interested in rational. For them, gun ownership is about power and control. They feel out of control in their lives and owning a gun gives them a sense of power and control. For some, it is about feeling "safe." For others, it is about being able to bully and intimidate other people. Regardless, using facts will never work on these people.

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Letter: Gun access

This line of argument, tried and true by gun advocates, is seriously lacking in this case. If he had not had the weapons he had, it is likely one of the adults who died trying to stop him would have been successful.

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Letter: Gun access

Interesting hypothesis...how about we inact some regulations to test it and find out if it is true or, as I suspect, false.

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'Smoother' swine flu clinic serves 1,300

Just for the record, for all those who think this is a way to get money, the vaccine is free.

Vaccination is not an individual choice. It is a social responsibility. You don't just get vaccinated to keep yourself from getting sick. You do it to make sure people who can't get vaccinated (like babies under 6 months old and persons with egg allergies) don't get sick from you. They could die and that would be your responsibility. There is also something called "herd immunity." It means that if enough people in the population are not susceptible to a disease than the disease can't make it in that population. It dies out and no one who hasn't been vaccinated gets sick. Every vaccination brings us closer to herd immunity.

It is sad that we live in a culture where a lot of people think only of themselves. It is ironic that it is the very people who tout the notion of personal responsibility who are usually hyper focused on themselves. Be responsible, think of other people for once in your lives.

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Lining up for swine flu shots

I would really like to be patient except I'm more than 8 months pregnant and the shot would be much more beneficial to me and my baby if I had it before the birth (which is any day now). I also showed up just after 5 pm and was turned away. The parking staff were very rude and far more concerned with basketball games than vaccinations. I called the health department and spoke to a person before I went. They should have said the lines closed at 5 pm. I have a Master's Degree in Public Health and work in health policy. I admit that Douglas County has done better than a lot of counties in Kansas, but that isn't saying much. This has been a true debacle for the entire state. We're lucky the flu is not yet more serious, but I worry about what will happen in another couple of months or if a more serious strain were to hit. Instead of raging on the LJ World comment site though, maybe we should all call our state representatives who have systematically cut funding to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which trickles down to lower health departments.

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