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2013 Preview: Conservative charge looming in next session of Kansas Legislature

"But what will happen when there is no middle class to buy stuff? The huge blind spot these people have is that a good economy depends on a vibrant middle class."

It will be like the good old days of the Industrial Revolution. The bosses will pay their workers and then they'll get to spend it all at the company store.

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Brownback defends school efficiency task force

You don't need educators on the task force if you already know the answer is to privatize as much of the system as is possible. The task force only exists to make it all look legit.

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Brownback defends school efficiency task force

I thought cutting taxes was the best way to fund and fix everything?

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Brownback gets heat for 'real live experiment' comment on tax cuts

The next idea will be tax cuts. Eleven years ago when the US had a budget surplus, we needed tax cuts. Then when the economy struggled we needed more tax cuts. The only real solution to our current recession is tax cuts (at least tax cuts for the "right" people). The cure for our medical system's problems is, of course, tax cuts or tax credits or vouchers or something else that reduces what one pays to the government. Tax cuts are magic and can cure all problems.

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New estimate shows $712 million deficit from tax cuts

Will Sam just get on with his 2016 presidential bid and leave Kansas alone?! He's already done enough damage in the last 2 years to impress the GOP primary voters out there.

The timing here works out well for him. When the deficits start to hit in 2014 he'll be out of Kansas and on the campaign trail.

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New estimate shows $712 million deficit from tax cuts

You forgot to blame it on the unions and the poor.

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Proposal to double fines on K-10 advances in Senate

I think they should raise the child safety seat age again too. Let's make it 18 this time! The legislature does things like this when it's done nothing useful for its term and needs to have something to parade in front of voters. All over town and the highways I constantly see people texting while driving. Start writing tickets for things that cause accidents.

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